Wednesday 5 January 2011

Welcome to Wednesday!

Today is clear, cold and sunny I'm happy to say! I'm busy all day with baking and, later, writing up some new recipes...which is something that I love to do. One of them will be today's treat. I thought of it last night (which is when a lot of inspiration hits...I'm cooking supper, food is on my mind I suppose) and I'm so pleased with the way it turned out. The only problem is what to call it. I write out a new label for every delivery so that the ingredients are listed for everyone to see, and there has to be a name at the top!

What food is called is surprisingly important - menu descriptions make a real difference. It's psychological which makes it even more fascinating, and I'm sure I'll be returning to the topic. For instance:

this is today's delivery. It comprises a bottom layer of buttery chocolate shortbread, spread with plenty of black cherry jam and topped with a chocolate almond sponge, whole cherries, flaked almonds & milk chocolate chips. I really wanted to call them Black Forest Bars - because they have many of the elements of the traditional Black Forest Gateau & I knew that most people would know what to expect, flavourwise.
However, this also creates some problems. It only contains some of the elements...there's no kirsch and no cream. I didn't want to be misleading. The most important problem for me, though, was that Black Forest Gateau - sadly - has many negative connotations attached to it. It became so ubiquitous a couple of decades ago, that it started to be mass manufactured - often cheaply & badly. What was once a beautiful, traditional cake became a bit of a national joke. The name was synonymous with dry, oversweet sponge, fake cream, sugary chocolate vermicelli sprinkles, old fashioned restaurant 'sweet' trolleys...none of it good. And it still hasn't really recovered. I just know that, however different my version is, if I'd called it by my original name it wouldn't have sold well.
I decided to call it what it is. So, this Wednesday, I give you my new creation.....
Chocolate Almond Cherry Bars. Would you buy one??

Have a great day! x


  1. Would I buy one? Of course I would! You are tempting me early in the morning. ;) I am loving your daily postings of your baking creations. Love waking up to this! I think you are right about the title...I like the sound of chocolate almond cherry bars best. Really describes what's in the bars and sounds delicious!! Wish I could have one right now!
    Enjoy your cold, sunny day. Here we are bracing for 15 cm of snow today.

  2. Oh yummy yum yums Rachel! Your Chocolate Almond Cherry Bars look fabulous and I would most certainly not buy one...I would buy two! I completely understand the Black Forest dilemma, I really really love a traditional delicious Black Forest Gateaux made with the real ingredients and lots of love. It is such a shame that the sickly, articial flavours from the 1980's gateaux still has the same reputation today...Maybe we should make it our mission to change some opinions?!
    Happy Wednesday
    Love Morwenna

  3. Oh, my, haven't been up all that long and yes, I want a bar with a nice cup of strong coffee!!! I loved the name!! Is it going into the book?? What a fabulous year this will be!!
    With much love, Sherry xx

  4. To my shame, I always rather liked those artificial gateaux. I love that dry sponge! I wouldn't enjoy it as much as your delicious bars though, I promise you that! xxxxxxxxxxx

  5. I would write up an entire description on your luscious ingredients and how and every one of them is purposefully and uniquely chosen by you to be of the best quality.....

    and maybe call them Mon Cherie!
    They look incredible!
    xx to you!!

  6. Yes, I would definitely buy one with that name. I like that the name includes whats in it, meaning I know what flavors are awaiting me, and the combinaiton of chocolate and cherry is divine. I don't know what a Gateaux is, and I think I would be too shy to ask. I love names that are simple and descriptive, and not 'trying too hard' to sound fancy.



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