Friday 14 January 2011

Giveaway Congratulations & Almond Heaven...

This was the scene this morning as I placed all the names in competition for the Giveaway into my favourite coffee mug...I felt a little nervous, strangely...I so appreciate all your comments and the visitors to my blog, and I wanted everyone to win! But there could only be one, in the end - and it's one of my new 'commenters'...I'll let the picture speak for itself & just say WELL DONE to...
Nellie! I think you're in the US...but if you send me your address to: theblueangelbakery (at) hotmail (dot) co (dot) uk (of course, you need to put the @ & . symbols in there - I haven't to avoid spam mail!) then I will package up your goodies and send them to you, with my love...

I added this cute & colourful measuring spoon set to the gifts, as an added treat - I so hope you like everything & look forward to your receiving it and letting me know what you think!

So, to today's delivery...

Strawberry & Lemon Bakewell Tart. I love Bakewell Tart - because I adore anything almondy. For those who aren't familiar with it, it's a traditional British pudding. The usual recipe is for shortcrust pastry, spread with raspberry jam and topped with an almond frangipane sponge and flaked almonds. It's often served after a meal, hot with custard - or cold in fingers for tea. My version has a richer shortbread base, and this one had strawberry preserves and lemon curd under the almond layer. It just makes it a bit....MORE! And you've probably gleaned from my posts by now that if there's one thing I love it's abundance! Too much of a good thing is great in my opinion!

It was quite soft & gooey in the centre with a lovely short, crisp, buttery base and plenty of tart lemon curd oozing gently together with sweet strawberry pieces. GORGEOUS!

I can hardly believe that the weekend's here already! I look forward to hearing from Nellie soon...but thanks to everyone for reading, commenting and enjoying my blog.

Have a wonderful rest of the day xo


  1. Mmm I would LOVE a slice of your Bakewell Tart, it is one of my faves because of the almond heaven too!
    Congratulations to lucky Nellie! I wish I had read your earlier post and entered, it is quite a lovely loot! I definitely need to catch up on your daily posts as I haven't been here for a while and that is a sin!
    Wishing you, Paul and darling Alice a wonderful weekend
    Love Morwenna

  2. First of all, congratulations to Nellie, the lucky ducky! I am sure she will be so pleased to know she WON!!
    Rachel, I have never tried a Bakewell Tart. Didn't even know what that was, exactly. Thanks for educating me and making me drool!! I have to go to UK one day to try all these wonderful desserts! Really, I do! Thank you for sharing your daily baking with us...looking forward to the next post, of course! xoxo

  3. First congratulations to Nellie...second your tart looks amazing...and I want some right now!! smile... Hope you have a blessed weekend!

    xoxo Gert

  4. Now Nellie, if you don't like any of those things, just let me know, OK? My measuring spoons leave something to be desired! (just a little Friday joke there)
    Rachel, I love love love lemon curd and the combination squished in there with the strawberry makes my mouth water---bring on the tea!! I hope in your cookbook you will include some of your tips and tricks; everyone always has some and it's such good learning! 'hope rain stops soon!!

  5. Thank you to Morwenna, Rosinda, and Gert for the congratulations. I am beyond excited!

    Rachel, your tart sounds wonderful! Thank you for sharing with us - all the way "across the pond!" And - thank you as well for the giveaway. I will keep in touch.

  6. Congratulations Nellie! How exciting. I love Bakewell too, it's inspired me to make some for the kids, I have a nice recipe courtesy of the fabulous Mr. Oliver. I like a slice freezing cold, straight from the fridge. Love love love

  7. Rachel I'm sooooo hungry right now! I want bakewell and I want it now! xxx


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