Tuesday 11 January 2011

Everyone's an individual...

and I find that individual - or mini - cakes are what sell best at the coffee shop. Scones, muffins, slices, brownies, squares...something that doesn't have to be cut in front of you, but feels like it was made just for your plate, to accompany your cup of tea...

So today, I made the ultimate in single serving sized cakes...
mini Victoria Sponges...ooh, I was so proud of these! Don't they look cute?

here's a close up. I made the vanilla butter sponge cake as a sheet and cut out the rounds with a biscuit cutter...then sandwiched them with home made raspberry jam and cream cheese vanilla frosting before dusting them with a little icing sugar.
The beautiful paper cups they rest in are from a lovely, bright & pretty store in Marylebone, Central London, called Totally Swedish. They have a wonderful, though expensive, range of beautiful baking cups that I can't resist even though they're actually too big for the tins I have! These are printed with violets.....

and these with an array of coloured flowers on a black ground...gorgeous and they make good holders for these cakes, I think!

So, there you have it...a little Victoria Sponge, made just for YOU!!

I'm having a different kind of day tomorrow - so looking forward to it and I'll let you know all about it soon. There will be a baking post though, of course....

Thanks so much for reading, I really hope you're enjoying the Year of Blue Angel Baking so far....



  1. Ahh, your miniature Victoria sponge cakes are just adorable! Homemade raspberry jam and cream cheese makes for the perfect filling! The baking cups are beautiful too! You should be proud of yourself. BRAVO! Can't wait to hear about your day tomorrow. Hope you had a good rest last night. Good evening sweetie! xo

  2. Oh Rachel...these cakes are 'darling' and look 'oh so yummy'...wish I were there...would I love...love...love to bite into one of them...smile... You are so gifted!!

    Hope you are having a blessed day...
    xoxo Gert

  3. These look absolutely beautiful. How nice to have your own little sponge.
    I hope your sister is okay with these terrible floods in Queensland.

  4. Oh how totally unfair. Sick and of diminished capacity from hours of coughing and here I sit deep in lust over your Victoria Sponges, and like the virgin queen herself, will be denied the deepest pleasure of all--a taste. WANT THEM, WANT THEM BAD! Gorgeous!

  5. What beautiful cakes, Rachel!!! I haven't ever seen papers that lovely before...they complement your desserts perfectly! And yes, I wish I could taste one, too!! Let's see, I think it needs a delicate china plate and little silver fork!!! You always make my day! Love, Sherry xx

  6. Wow, these are absolutely divine! Victoria sponge is my favourite (after Madeira!) Love xxxxx

  7. Mmmm, I wish I had my own little sponge cake right now. They look so good!

  8. These are spectacular and it's so like you to put them in special paper cups. I'm sure that nothing you bake is ever left over!


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