Monday 31 January 2011

Cakes, Bakes & new Brownies for a friend...

A friend of mine has an exciting new venture on the near horizon...and I wanted to create a new brownie to wish him good luck and offer some sweet respite from the stress and confusion that always abound when a big creative project is coming together. These were what I came up with....TA DA! Toasted Pecan Salted Caramel Brownies....luckily, they're also quite beautifully photogenic...
they were packed absolutely full with chocolate chunks and pecans...but I think that too much is never enough, which is why I added the extra dimension of the salted caramel, one of my current favourite, favourite ingredients.
I wrapped them in black tissue, in a glossy black box tied with satin ribbon (my friend is very chic!) and they were well received and very much enjoyed...which was really the point! I'll squeeze the recipe into the book (120 and counting now...maybe 2 books is more sensible!) Very proud of them.

Back to the Coffee Tree...and I also made a new creation for them on Saturday. Based on a Dream Bar, but with added coconut, dried cranberries for some sourness...I can never leave things alone!

This is the tray before cutting...

and here's a slice in closeup. I wanted to have crispness mixed with chew, which I think was achieved. Very sweet, which made them perfect with a cup of strong coffee...anyway, they sold out so mission accomplished!

And this morning, I made Seville Orange & Almond Tarts...a sweet, shortcrust pastry tartlet with a layer of thick cute homemade marmalade (from a jar our friend Steve made last year...dark, bitter, perfect!) all topped with an almond frangipane to which I added some seville orange zest.

there's Steve's marmalade in the background too!

I made an extra one so I could show you inside...and as I'm a complete pushover for anything almond-y, I had to eat it later! Lovely, especially a little bit warm...

I've decided not to afflict a daily post on you...except sometimes...I read a very good article which said that one can blog too frequently & put people off! I'd hate to do that, so I thought I'd make it every couple of days instead...I wouldn't want you to get sick of me. But I'll still take the pictures daily so that I can post the deliveries then....

I'll leave you with a last picture of those brownies...I feel like a new mother!

Thanks so much for reading...have a great day xo


  1. ~ hello my friend...i was reading along and saw this...brownies...they are on my to-do list today too...along with some soup making and bread baking :-)

    i am in an unplugged mood too...haven't posted in days ~

    just tucked at home with Teddy ~ in my kitchen...

    sending love to you and little alice

    kary and teddy

  2. Ohh don't say that! Reading your daily posts and seeing the pics of your yummy treats is what I live for! You pack so much good stuff into each of your treats it's like a gift basket for your mouth! Keep at it, I'll keep reading!

  3. Almond-y things are my absolute favorite- I make a fruit tart with an almond paste layer on top of the bottom crust- oh my!

    I cannot wait for your cookbook Rachel!! It's going to be fabulous; I just know it!! I shall shout from the rooftops!!! Everyone in Colorado will know of it!! xx

  4. What an elegant, delicious gift! The flavors sound heavenly. With so many recipes, your cookbook must be nearing completion. It's bound to be wonderful, Rachel. Also, I would never get sick of you :)

  5. Why am I suddenly craving sugar? I need to visit your place one day. Those brownies!

  6. Oh yeah! It all looks soooo good! Your cookbook will surely be a hit.

  7. Just read your post. Your new brownies look & sound scrumptious!! You are so creative and I love seeing all the new & interesting ideas you come up with. I, for one, love & look forward to reading your daily posts & would never get sick of you. Love & hugs!!

  8. The brownies... Mmmm but I'd kill for a bit of that tart.I've read a similar article but, believe me we won't get sick of you or your lovely pics.

  9. There can't be enough sweet things - no sickness on this side of the world :-) I love to visit your blogs. I don't make it every day, but at least several times a week.
    As a blog is something people do visit as they like, daily posts are not too frequent :-)
    Thats my very personal view. As a marketing consultant I do suggest the following: If you would experience that numbers of visitors drop and nobody does comment anymore you should change frequency - but it does not look that this is happening with your blog.


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