Monday 10 January 2011

One of those nights...

Last night, I went to bed at a reasonable hour. My body was tired, but my brain was still buzzing....I'm writing a lot at the moment and I find it so hard to switch off the flow of ideas and words. As the church clock struck midnight, I gave up & came downstairs for a hot cup of Earl Grey tea. Still no luck. So I decided to be productive and bake The Coffee Tree's morning order while I waited!

It was time well spent, as it meant that I could do something a little more involved than the recipe I'd originally planned, as there was plenty of time for it to cool and settle down (I find that everything except muffins, scones & other breakfast breads needs a 'settling' period!)

Even at 2.30am, this White Coconut Cake with Fresh Lime Coconut Cream Frosting smelt very's a close textured and very (hated word) moist cake that keeps well as long as it's well wrapped or stored in an airtight tin.

I kept a small slice back (they only request 9 portions of everything - I gave them 11, so I figured it was ok!) and have just eaten it after a long, cold, blustery walk across the hills with was, though I say so myself, totally delicious!
But tonight, I think I'll sleep instead and save the baking for the morning! I was thankful to my sweet Twitter friend, Rosinda, for keeping me company last night while I waited for the cake to can feel very lonely & dark in the wee small hours, but I had her cheerful words for company & knowing she was out there really helped!

Wishing you a wonderful Monday....and a very good and restful night's sleep! xo


  1. Ahh, I wish I was there to share one of those extra pieces of cake with you! Without sounding like a broken record, I am loving your daily posts of bakery creations! This coconut cake particularly tickles my fancy. I LOVE anything coconut. Am more fond of chocolate, coconut, vanilla than fruit-filled cakes. Although, I would eat both. I have a real sweet tooth.
    BTW, I loved chatting with you last night. Glad I could keep you company in the still of the night. Wishing you a more restful sleep tonight. Tell your buzzing mind you'll talk in the morning. Enjoy the rest of your day sweetie. xxoo

  2. oh...looks wonderful...i would love to be there to share a piece with you and a cup of earl grey tea.....

    i like that you had a friend out there to spend the night with....

    give sweet alice a warm hug ...

    sending love,
    kary and teddy

  3. another yummy creation - sometimes, all alone in the darkness of night, creative thoughts flourish....this cake is no exception and wonderful that you were able to nibble a piece for yourself. Sometimes when I make things for others....I wonder, 'did it turn out as I want it to? does it taste delicious?' Now you know!!!! YES and YES!!

    Sweet dreams tonight Rachel!
    Love and Hugs,

  4. Mhm, yummy...
    this would be the perfect cake for my significant other (he loves white chocolate and coconut :-)

    I wish you a good night rest and if sleep does not find you another night productively spent.

  5. Mmm like the idea that you don't like moist. My own personal hate is rich ( as in rich food). Hope younger a better nights sleep

  6. Oh, honey, wishing you a better night's sleep tonight! I am so glad Rosinda was there to chat and keep you company : ) And the Coffee Tree only needs 9 portions?? Oh, those lucky 9 people!! Sweet dreams tonight...Love, Sherry

  7. I always wondered why you made 9 of things instead of 12. If it were me, I'd make 12 anyway and you know where the others would go--choose any portion of my anatomy you like.

    Your coconut squares look wonderful. Very beautiful on that lovely blue plate. You cut them first and frost after? I guess that makes it look nicer for individual sale. It would be fun to hunker down in the coffee shop with a camera and watch the lucky people who get to wolf them down. That's a photo essay I'd enjoy.

    Hope you get to sleep more readily tonight. Just tell your brain not now. Works for me!

  8. They look divine! My worst word is 'topping', an awful word for such a nice thing (generally!). Thanks Ray, it's lovely to see what you've been making while I'm asleep. xxxxxx


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