Saturday 8 January 2011

The weekend...and a Saturday Giveaway!

Welcome to Saturday! I'm a little late posting today, as Paul & I have just come back from a fantastic lunch...of which more tomorrow. As the only day I don't deliver is Sunday, I've designated that to be my review day - or sometimes a rest one!

But this morning, which was dull and grey...although it cleared and now is beautiful with the tiniest of silver 'fingernail' moons just showing...I baked for The Coffee Tree as usual. Saturdays are a little different in that usually they are my only order of the I drop the goodies off, grab a coffee, and head home - all done by 9am, and the weekend is mine!

First I made a tray of Pistachio Sour Cherry Bars.The middle of toasted pistachios,dried sour cherries & milk chocolate chips with caramel sauce is sandwiched between two crunchy oaty & quite plain layers....

I think you can just see the contrast in colour and texture in these's quite hard to capture! I made them last night as they need a few hours to settle and set properly.
Then came a batch of Double Cheese & Fresh Chive Scones...

I made these as late as possible so that they were still warm when I delivered...the smell when the lid came off the box was amazing! I must confess that with the little bit of mixture that was left, I made a few miniatures to have at home....I don't have a really sweet tooth any more, but cheese is a different matter...!

especially with the slight onion flavour imparted by the snipped chives...mmm.

So that's a week of deliveries! And now to my first foodie giveaway...
It was quite hard to choose something that would appeal to those who maybe don't cook so much, but still enjoy reading about it. In the end I came up with the following - I hope I got it right!

This lovely memoir with recipes tells of Colette Rossant's life as a Frenchwoman in 1955, newly married to an American and just arrived in Manhattan to start their life together. Bemused by US customs, language and's a sweet, funny and interesting book. I especially loved her discovery of the authentic ethnic delis and foodmarkets that were still so independent and individual's fascinating. So there's that...
and also:

these two dear little blue & white 'yin & yang' dishes....with fish decorations. I've long used them on the dinner table when we're entertaining as they're great for putting seasalt flakes in one half & cracked pepper in the other....but maybe oil & balsamic vinegar? Or salted pistachios & peanuts? Anyway, the choice will lie with the winner!

This little bundle will wing it's way to someone who leaves me a comment after this post between now & next Friday,14th. I'll draw the winning name when I return from my Coffee Tree delivery on Friday morning and announce the winner in that day's post!

Good luck , thanks so much for reading - and I hope you have a wonderful weekend xx


  1. Oh how fun, as always, Rachel, listening to how your days unfold- have a wonderful weekend- I plan on taking down the rest of the Christmas things, and there are many, and then setting out for groceries and necessities as we are supposed to be hit with some sub zero temperatures beginning tomorrow and on into Tuesday of next week, so while the sun is partly out today and the temps are hovering in high 30's (F), I'll be out and about....lovely to think of you and Paul and Alice having a cosy weekend together!! xx By the way, the baked goods look luscious, as always!!

  2. I can't believe I'm first to comment, and on a giveaway post, how good is that? Warm cheese scones mmm I can definitely see why some keep at home minis would be required. Really enjoying your daily post. Keep up the good work.

  3. I love the memoir book. Something I hope to write one day. If I don't win can I have the pistachio bar recipe? Had some wonderful food in Reykjavik, where I'm posting this from now. Website says aurora borealis happening here to tonight. Might have to cut the sushi fest down a tad. I see you've taken to some rigourous posting at the moment. Very I inspiring. C u soon.

  4. Oh Rachel what a wonderful giveaway! I hope you will include me even though I live in the states! I'm excited & would love to win!

    Your cakes & biscuits look amazing & oh so yummy!! Hope you're feeling better..I am..thank goodness! We're heading to fish fry tonight! ~smile~

    xoxo Gert

  5. Pistachio Sour Cherry Bars - heavenly! Wish I could be at that coffee shop to try one.

  6. American friends are most certainly included in the giveaway, Gert - what would I do without you? Thanks for those comments so far. Looking forward to seeing who wins! x

  7. sour cherries and chocolate, made in heaven. I love how you give your posts the setting they are in, it makes a great picture in my head.

  8. Oh don't today's offerings look fantastic. Although I definitely have a sweet tooth, today I think I'd go for the scones. That would be a wonderful treat today. But hey the pistachio bars look amazing. It's such a pleasure to see the variety of what you bake. So many things I never even considered trying. Maybe I've been a vanilla sponge cake girl too long.

    Your giveaway looks very appealing. I think they yin yang dishes are meant for Chinese sauces, chili & mustard. That's how they serve them in Chinese restaurants. I bet that French gal in 1955 paid 20 bucks a month rent. Those were the days!

  9. Love reading your daily blog to see what wonderful things you are baking. Your descriptions go right along with the beautiful pictures. Wish I could be a customer of The Coffee Tree.

  10. Oh, sweetie, you always are such a delight! The goodies look wonderful and once again my mouth is watering!! How kind of you to do the giveaway, but since I recently had the honor of winning, please leave my name out as to give others a chance! With much love, Sherry xx

  11. How sweet of you to do a giveaway! I agree with Sherry, since I have won in the past, leave my name out as well. Just wanted to leave you a comment. The double cheese and chive scones are sooo tempting. I love everything you make! YUMMY :o)

  12. This looks absolutely lovely. I am not being original saying this, I am actually being repetitive, as I said this before. I think those dessets would be great for an afternoon tea.

  13. Rachel, I could spend hours reading your blogs and your giveaways are always amazing. The book you're giving away looks wonderful, and I can't help but think how much I'd love to read a book about life and food written by you!


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