Thursday 27 January 2011

Join me at The Coffee Tree...

As I've been writing about my daily deliveries for almost a month now, I thought that it was about time that I introduced you to The Coffee Tree properly! So here we are, in the cold and gloomy early morning of a late January day...and the shop is always an oasis of warmth & brightness...and good coffee!
The little blackboard on the pavement sends good messages of what lies within...

and when you open the door it's a little like 'Cheers' - everybody knows your name! Or they all know mine, anyway!

Lovely Sue, one of the partners in the business, is always cheerful and smiling...and she's holding the free cup of coffee that I get in exchange for my deliveries each day!

I make all the cakes & slices...but not the croissants or danish...

These Date & Oat Slices are mine...I shared one with my Mum today, over a cup of coffee, as we discussed 'The King's Speech' which we'd just seen...yum!

And these were my specials of the day...I called them Mozart Bars, as it is my beloved Wolfie's 255th birthday today! The bottom is brown sugar butter shortbread and the top is salted cashew & butterscotch...oh yes, they were good.

In fact, it's lucky that I took these pictures first thing as they'd all been sold by the time I called in with Mum after lunch. But that's fine...I love it when people enjoy my baking and it sells well. That's why I do it!

At the moment, I'm baking Toasted Pecan Caramel Brownies....they're smelling good, and next is Ruby Cake from my new 'Sarabeth's Bakery' book - so watch this space!

Happy Thursday and thanks so much for reading xox


  1. happy birthday Wolfgang! I wish I could celebrate in your café and try those bars! The place is lovely, a café like I love them. I need to visit it one day.

  2. What a fun peek at the coffee shop and how lucky are those customers? Very Lucky! Your oat and date bars look yummy as do the Mozart Bars. Wish I could stop by for a treat and cup of coffee. If I get to London I'll be sure it's on my "must see." places.

  3. I'm so tickled to get a peek at The Coffee Tree! I've been curious about where you take all your delicious creations, and The Coffee Tree is perfect. It's on my list of places to visit, right along with the Farmer's Market.

    I'm pretty sure Mozart would be delighted with his 255th birthday treat!

  4. Oh Rachel-I just loved visiting the coffe I know where all those goodies go..~smile~ and the ones you baked for today look absolutely amazing! Yumm would I love a piece of each one of them!

    xoxo Gert

  5. It is so nice seeing what the Coffee Tree looks like both outside and inside!! I think you are making it famous!! Your baked goods always look so delicious, Rachel and Sue is happy in part because of her business with you, dear heart! Hugs, Sherry

  6. Rachel,
    You read my mind---I had even tried to look it up online to try and get a glimpse of it---to get more of a feel of where you go each day; what lucky establishment won the rights to your creations!! Well, they look like a deserving lot!! Thank you so much.....and Happy Birthday Wolfgang!!
    OXXO Joann


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