Sunday 20 March 2011

Upside Down Cakes!

11 days since my last Brownie's for Mozart's been so annoying, wanting to blog and not having the equipment. Modern technology is SO fantastic...the only problem is that we come to rely on it for so much. When it's like a cloud of fog descending. Nothing feels right. I'm just so lucky that I got a new 'smartphone' recently, so I've been able to keep up a little with the online world. And compared to the tragedies in first New Zealand and then Japan...not to mention man-made horrors unfolding in Libya as I write...I guess that puts it all in perspective a little.

Just to continue the theme of computer blues....

ok, this is weird...good, but weird! The photos that I took of just a few of my creations this past week-&-a-bit all came out upside down! Hence the title to this post. I just thought that I'd write it anyway to get started again. And hey presto...when I downloaded to the blog, they're the right way up! Who knows how these things work? Not me, obviously....I'll just hold my breath & thank goodness that something worked at last!

Above is a Whipped Cream Strawberry Cake. It's from Rose Levy amazing recipe as it contains no butter! Just whipped cream. It made a beautiful, moist, white cake...I filled it with mascarpone cream, home made strawberry preserves and fresh strawberries too...a breath of early Summer in March - felt wonderful!

This was my own recipe...Toasted Pecan cake. Ground pecan vanilla sponge inside, sandwiched with vanilla buttercream and covered in more toasted pecans. I ADORE pecans, and even though I didn't get to eat any of this cake, I just love to think about it! It sold out fast...

Last Monday I made Cinnamon Rolls. I've never made them before but I'll be doing so again...and often! They are flavoured with cardamom and filled with brown sugar, unsalted butter & lots of cinnamon. Heaven. I did make an extra few...took them to my parents where my Mum, youngest sister & 3 year old nephew devoured them over coffee while catching up on news. We did leave a little for my Dad - but it was difficult! I shared the recipe with my lovely friend Joann from The Girl Gets Real and I'm looking forward to seeing how it turns out for her!

So that's a little catch up. But I'm back on line for good now (famous last words...) so I'll see you tomorrow!

Thanks for coming back - I hope you've had a great weekend xo


  1. I received the recipe yesterday and I'm going to give them a try this week!! The recipe sounds incredible--I'm hoping that your 'special touch' came along with the recipe! Yes, I have a scale-I'll take some photos and we'll see how they go! Thank you ever so much!!
    Your new treats look so wonderful. I'm a huge fan of pecans as well. Where my mom lives in Arizona, there are HUGE groves of pecans and we visited the farm. You would not believe what conditions they grow in!! HOT, DRY....but they are SHAKEN by heavy equipment and then nuts are gathered, cleaned, separated. I just love to eat them!!! Happy 1st day of SPRING dear Rachel!
    Thank you ever so much for the recipe!!
    xx Joann

  2. Those cinnamon rolls look fantastic. Wish I was a bit nearer then could taste them too. Good to see you back again!
    Cheers Helen x

  3. Well doesn't that just make my morning! Totally beautiful cakes and nice to see them right side up. What was the actual title of the whipped cream strawberry cake? I mean it's from heavenly cakes? I have that book but haven't tried it yet. SO many cookbooks, try so few recipes.

    So glad you're back. I love reading about your adventures in baking and seeing the gorgeous results!

  4. Happy First Day of Spring!! I have missed your blog posts so much, dear Rachel! All the goodies look so heavenly and how nice to take some to your family : ) Have fun with the new computer and smartphone!! Love and hugs, Sherry xx

  5. That cake with the strawberries and cream looks delicious - as do the others! So sorry our little bake-off slipped you mind. You should post a Sarabeth recipe this week and link up with up, it will be so much fun!

  6. Oh my goodness, Rachel! Your cakes are always so beautiful and so tall! Both the strawberry & whipped cream cake, and the toasted pecan cake look delectable. I can't wait for your baking book to be released! I NEED a copy!! By the way, the cinnamon bun looks melt-in-your-mouth delicious! WOW! Glad to have you back again. Enjoy another beautiful Spring day. xoxo

  7. I want to go there. It is a second home really, I wish it could be my second home, or at least my second dining place.

  8. Sent previous comment to the wrong post. I want a piece of that cake.


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