Tuesday 22 March 2011

Today on the Farmer's Market...

This is my friend Debbie's stall, to my right! The day was beautifully mild - not warm exactly, but I didn't need the thermal underwear this month! It makes such a difference to everyone's spirits when we're not shivering & sheltering from the wind for 5 hours. I didn't even wear a coat until the last 45 minutes - amazing!

Selling well today:
Cranberry Carmelita Bars. My own recipe - chewy, caramelly, crunchy, buttery & with a little tang from the dried berries.

Sticky Jamaica Ginger Cake...made with wholewheat flour & stem ginger for extra gingeriness! Keeps so well as it gets a sticky top to it after a few days...irresistible (if you like ginger!)

Double Chocolate Brownies...ahh, my all-time best sellers. The bread & butter of the Blue Angel Bakery! What would I do without them?!

The Apricot & Ginger Flapjacks you saw being created yesterday. Always very popular, especially with those who prefer not to eat wheat. Some people make a bee-line for the crunchy corners, others prefer the softer middle squares. Everyone's so different!
My brownie of the month. Each market I create a new brownie flavour, so that regulars don't get bored. March's offering was Cookies & Cream - topped with mini Oreos as well as filled with the chunky pieces of the larger version. These flew off the stall so fast - I sold all I had before lunchtime! I make a note of all the bestsellers so I can repeat them somewhere down the line.
I also had the cheese scones, walnut brownies and loaf cakes...quite a loaded table!

It wasn't the busiest market, but still quite good. I have a 'Quote of the Month' too: these are the funny (or ridiculous) things that people sometimes say to me behind the stall. A woman asked me if the Carmelita Bars were Date Slices. I said no, and went to some lengths to explain exactly what was in them...cranberries, chocolate, caramel....etc etc. She tasted a sample, wrinkled up her nose and said 'I can't taste any dates in there!!' The great British public!

Happy Tuesday xoxo


  1. Oh Rachel, everything looks so delicious!! I love all your photos too. So glad it was a nice weather day, makes it much more enjoyable to be outdoors. I like your idea of the cookies and cream brownies. I just have to try your best-seller brownies one day. They look incredible!
    BTW, the date lady story was too funny. Some people are too much. You just have to laugh! I am glad your day went well. Looking forward to next month's Farmer's Market!! xoxo

  2. It is so much fun to see the farmer's market. Your booth must have been the busiest one there with all those delicious sweets. The whole lot looks so yummy I wouldn't know were to start. Maybe a bite of each one. Your are such a talented baker and writer. ♥

  3. Oh Rachel--the quote made me laugh out loud---I don't think it's just British folk, but instead just 'some people.' When I think of opening a bed and breakfast, I think of those I will never please and how I will feel about it. You have to learn to develop a bit of thick skin, I guess, which I have none of! Everything looks incredible!! Now, how far away is the market from your home? I'm SO HAPPY that thermals weren't necessary for your market! I love the idea of the little cookies inside the brownies....how clever you are!!
    Yay to the Blue Angel Bakery!!


  4. Oh, honey, what wonderful delectable delights today!! Some of each, please! You have such great ideas for new baked goodies. I just don't know how you keep doing new recipes! I agree with Joann that folk's remarks that cause a chuckle are not limited to the UK. Ah...yes! Have a lovely evening with the artists! Hugs, Sherry xx

  5. Doesn't all that look ultra fantabulous. But here's my question: what are flapjacks? Here that's a synonym for pancakes. Second question--I don't have a clue how to do this. I see everyone there with their pics etc but the only way I know how to comment is use name/url. Is there a way to subscribe to this and belong to a list or something? Still laughing at the lack of dates in your dateless treats. Apparently being unable to listen isn't an affliction confined to Los Angeles. I think a brownie with mini peanut butter cups in it might be nice!

  6. Simply luscious goodies, Rachel! Wish I could have shopped there today. Had a good laugh about the customer just determined to find dates somewhere.:)

  7. I bet she couldn't taste the pineapple either could she? Being fortunate enough to have tried your flapjacks, my mouth was watering. xxxxxxxxx


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