Monday 21 March 2011

My second home...

The Coffee Tree delivery today was Sultana Scones...tasted lovely but I've shown you my scones before & I thought they didn't look special enough to warrant a whole post! So instead, I thought that I'd introduce you to my work kitchen. This is the view I look out on when I'm washing up! I think I said before that the industrial park that it's built on is a former WW2 airfield. It's surrounded by farm land and we're lucky that the unit is at the far end of the it backs right onto rural green! Rabbits regularly put on a display for me on this patch of cute!
Inside is big and spacious and full of stainless steel! I actually took lots more photos than this, but not having the hang of my new phone completely yet....for some reason they didn't all download correctly! Duh..still, here's a feeling. You can see 2 big bowls of the ingredients for Apricot & Ginger Flapjacks. I have the Farmer's Market tomorrow and another big order for the end of the week. In the past 2 days I've made 72 trays (approx 9 servings to each tray) which will probably be enough. But it all depends on how tomorrow goes!
I finished by making 120 cheddar scones. I have so many regular customers at the stall who just come for I have to bake plenty!

Busy days...but I love to be occupied. I'm happy in my little unit, radio on, gas humming, bowls and ovens full of good smells & mixtures. How lucky I am that I get to do what I love every day and get paid for it! I try to never take it for granted.

Hoping you've had a wonderful day too xoxo


  1. Lovely, Rachel. I've missed "hearing" from you.:-) Good fortune at the Farmer's Market tomorrow!

  2. Gosh it all looks so beautiful, as ALWAYS!! Deep in envy over your kitchen AND idyllic view. But where are the blue cabinets I saw in the picture with Alice? Is that on the other side? I'd love to see the whole thing. And boy do I wish I had a cheddar scone right now, this very minute! Those lucky sausages (as Morwenna would say) to have your brownies and scones to munch on.

  3. So, where is this? A part of your home or do you have to go to another location? I was wondering about that because in Colorado, I can only bake commercially in a commercial kitchen and I have to rent space to do that. This is interesting to me! I love all the baking you do---and yes, I agree with you, we must honor with gratitude which I'm sure you do every single day!

  4. It's so exciting to see your real work place. Looks like you've been busy and sounds like you've got plans for lots more. Would love the cinnamon rolls recipe but understand if you're too busy.
    Have bake sale at K's school Thursday so that'll keep me busy for now. X

  5. Lovely place. I need to visit it one day. I wish it was my second home, or at least my second dining room.

  6. What a terrific work space, Rachel! And it is good to have it separate from your home, so you can leave work and unwind from the day! How heavenly to look out on a rural site each day! Brings peace to the soul! Do you listen to Mozart while baking? Thank you for another glimpse into your world, sweetie! Hugs, Sherry xx

  7. Hello Rachel,

    I just loved seeing your 2nd home. I was always kind of curious about what it looked like. So nice to see pictures of it! Now I can picture you more clearly now, when I think of you baking away.
    Good luck at the Farmer's Market tomorrow. Hope the day is as mild as it was today. Have fun sweetie. xoxo

  8. Can you save me a cheese scone please? Hope that the market goes really well as always, lucky I don't have access to the market or I would be bankrupt and huge as a house!


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