Friday 25 March 2011

Beautiful breakfast....

Firstly, the Coffee & Walnut Cake that was delivered to the Coffee Tree this morning. There was also a Date Slice, but the photos were too dark to post! This is one of the most popular cake flavours at the cafe, and true to form I received a call shortly after lunch to say that the whole thing had been sold and could I please supply an extra cake tomorrow! So that's made now...more in the morning!

I didn't make that delivery today...Paul dropped the order off on his way into the office, as I stayed last night in London so that this morning I could have breakfast with a friend at this restaurant....
NOPI in Soho. It's also partly owned by a friend, and I've been several times already (although it only opened officially a month ago) but this was my first breakfast there. As you can see, today was a gorgeous, sunny Spring day in London...the kind of day that makes perfect strangers smile and wish you 'Good Morning!' which is fairly rare in the UK! Everyone was happy as I walked from Marylebone through the bright shiny streets. I arrived first as my friend was caught in traffic on the I ordered a coffee as I looked at the menu...

everything looked gorgeous. I wsa deciding what to choose when my friend arrived, slightly breathless and apologetic! We're the sort of friends who immediately talk and talk...and forget that we're actually there to order and it took some patience and gentle prompting from the waitress to get us to make a decision! This was my choice...

Black Rice with Coconut Cream, Fresh Mango & Banana. There was also some palm syrup on the side in a beautiful little misshapen jug. Divine. My perfect breakfast (which is saying something as I don't usually eat first thing...) Like a nutty, flavourful, milkless rice pudding with zingy fresh fruit & tropical hints....beautiful. My friend chose...
Courgette & Manouri Fritters with a mint & dill salad and yoghurt dressing. Crispy, fresh, cool....a little salty for my taste, but savoury and good. We shared each others plates and were greedy enough to order a mixture of sourdough bread and pastries on the side as well (although we were good and only ate what we wanted - regretfully leaving what we couldn't finish!) It all sounded so lovely we didn't want to miss out!

We ended up catching up and laughing for longer than I thought - I had to run to catch the train home, face red from the heat! But I've been smiling all day, because of the lovely beginning to this Friday. A special treat, a special feast & special friends. And now the weekend! Perfection.

Enjoy your day too - I wish you sunshine and laughter! xoxo


  1. Doesn't that sound like the perfect way to begin a day. Makes me wish I wasn't a confirmed slugabed. Marylebone. What a funny name. How do you pronounce this? Mary le bone or maybe Mary le bun? Or some other way. I wish we lived nearby and could meet for a meal (how bout an early bird special --they have them here for seniors who eat dinner at 4-5. To me that is breakfast). Even tho I don't like anything with coffee, your walnut cake looks fantastic. Do you have some sort of special bin in which to place these delicate items for transport? Did you see the recipe I posted yesterday when asking about china pattern? I think you might like that one....

  2. this was lovely to see and read rachel...looks so different FUN for me to see...looks wonderful...

    teddy is sitting on my lap staring right at me...i wish you could see him...what a sweet, precious TEDDY !!!!!

    hugs to alice and charlie...your little sweeties...

    might do some baking tomorrow out of Sarabeth...those chocolate cloud cookies were REALLY good...your cake looks delicious

    isn't dawn's book just charming?

    have a wonderful doggy filled weekend, my friend...

    sending love,
    kary and teddy

  3. oh yum!
    That cakes looks so good, not surprised it goes so quickly.

    Love Soho. One of my favourite parts of London Tahn, so full of life. The food in the restaurant looks utterly divine. Made me so hungry now!

  4. Must admit, coffee walnut cake is definitely my favourite. Pity the children don't like it so much. What an unusual and very tasty looking breakfast. A nice treat. Enjoy the sunshine xx

  5. Great cake. The breakfast reminds me a bit of the ones we had in Sri Lanka. Marylebone is pronounced Marry-le-bone, one word, spoken quickly! Have a great day

  6. Lovely day with a fantastic breakfast! And your cake looks absolutely wonderful, dear Rachel! Enjoy your weekend!! Love and hugs, Sherry xx

  7. I am now so intriqued with the details of your breakfast....I will be researching some of these unusual (to me) ingredients as I LOVE new and fresh ideas! Black rice for breakfast! Flavors and textures get my attention....what a great Friday you had!! How fun Rachel! The cake, as always, is so special! when is your cookbook coming out Rachel? I'm imagining the Coffee Tree's patrons this morning having their slice of your cake.....and talking about it all the day! Have a delightful weekend with your little children Alice and Charlie....and of course hubby Paul! Love you! xx

  8. Your coffee and walnut cake looks fabulous! Come to think of it, I've never actually made a coffee-flavored cake before! I know you make them a lot. And I do love coffee. Must give it a go one of these days.
    Your breakfast with friend looks lovely. Black rice for breakfast, sounds unusual, but looks perfect,paired with bananas and mangoes! Thank you for sharing your breakfast experience with us! xoxo

  9. Another lovely post! Sunshine and time with friends are two of the nicest things. I've nominated you for a Kreativ Blogger Award- details on my page. Hope you had an equally-lovely weekend. xxx

  10. Mmm Rachel everything looks and sounds divine! Your cake is scrumptious as usual and I am not surprised it sold out. My MIL adores this flavour combination so that is her cake for Mother's Day sorted!
    Along with yours I have heard rave reviews for NOPI so it is definitely on my list of places to eat in London.
    Hope the rest of your weekend was just as lovely.


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