Tuesday 1 March 2011

A Taste of Paradise

That isn't as arrogant as it sounds! Today's offering to the Coffee Tree was actually called...

Paradise Slice! It's an old fashioned recipe...rich almond shortbread on the bottom, a thick layer of raspberry jam and then a moist coconut sponge on top. It's delicious and very popular...

and I never change or fiddle with this recipe as it's such a favourite and perfect just the way it is!

I've been so busy this week and it will get busier. My biggest customer has a mobile coffee trailer (a very upmarket one, with a proper Italian machine) that travels to all the major horse eventing trials in the season which is from early March to early November. He takes my brownies, flapjacks and other things with him (I'm happy to say!) but it means I don't often stop during the day.

This is one corner of the first order of the season, completed yesterday. The first event starts on Friday so it'll be full steam ahead now until the end of October. Yesterday I went to pick up 100kg chocolate (yes, 100kg!) That will last about 3 weeks but I don't have space at the kitchen to store more...
I love being so busy and feeling that sense of satisfaction that comes from a completed order delivered on time!
I hope your week has started well too xoxo


  1. oh dear lord, that cake! I want a slice of that cake! It does indeed look like a slice of paradise.

    You are one busy, oscar missing lady! x

  2. Ooh I love paradise slices, they are so yummy!
    Congratulations on the busy season ahead, I can imagine what hard work it is, but it is marvellous that people across the land will be feasting on your delights!
    Wow 100kg of chocolate in three weeks is amazing! I buy 5kg from Bookers once a month!
    Morwenna xoxo

  3. How totally thrilling. Sounds just like our food truck phenomenon here. There you are at all the horse events. I'm picturing Audrey Hepburn in her black and white costume reverting to type and shouting "Move yer bloomin' arse!"

    Today's paradise cake does look heavenly!

    Keep up the great work and bon appetit to the h orsey set!

  4. Oh this all sounds wonderful!!! Will paradise be in your cookbook? I can hardly wait Rachel! I love it when you say you never fiddle with it; that means it's perfect and that's the recipe I want to try!! I so love to be busy--no time to think; that's what I love-then I really, really appreciate the down time to relax!!! so lovely!!!

  5. That looks divine! Hope you find time to not go to the movies during your busy season! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. Wow! I thought things were on the up when I bought 500g of chocolate last week. Good luck with the horsey season, I've mostly seen it from the other side as my sister rides endurance things for Scotland. Take Care!, x

  7. Rachel,
    I wish I had a slice of Paradise right now. The layers sound so tempting and complement each other so well. Crossing my fingers that this recipe will be included in your book! How wonderful that you are so busy. You are such a passionate, hardworking woman. An inspiration to all. You should be very proud! Keep up the great work! xxoo

  8. Oh, dear, I missed your post yesterday! The slice of Paradise is....heavenly : ) But, my gosh, what a ton of work it must be to bake all those goodies for your order!! Rachel, do you have help or do you attempt this alone?? I can just imagine a horse event and then the gourmet van pulling up! The stuff my dreams are made of!! Love and hugs, Sherry xx

  9. What a great idea, I have tons of almonds and I've been wanting to make something with them! Your dessert looks delicious!

    Happy to hear you are busy and business is going well!

    Thank you for stopping by today, and I've enjoyed my visit too!



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