Monday 14 February 2011

Fancy a Valentine?

Well, I warned you that they wouldn't be subtle......!
In the UK, these little fondant covered sponges are called 'fancies' - I imagine this is the original name for them, and it's sweetly old-fashioned and fitting name for a Valentine cake I think.
Mine were vanilla sponge,cut into heart shapes and covered in vanilla buttercream before being dipped in pale pink fondant icing. I left it to set a little before attaching the fondant hearts...

I used glitter in 4 different shades of purple, mauve, silver and lavender....just for extra flamboyance!

There were plenty of 'oohs' & 'aahs' when they were unveiled at the Coffee Tree this morning... where they are now displayed on a cream, lace edged cake stand. I made a few extra as people often like to buy one for each of their children for a teatime treat.

I hope that you have something sweet today, however you choose to spend this Valentines...

Wth love from me....and thanks for reading! xoxo


  1. oooh. I'd love one please! Actually, I'd love a few!!!!

    Now, how have I missed this site of yours? Just spotted your gingerbread house. The second one I've seen today! (Hannah of H's Country Kitchen made a Valentine one, and actually, it's inspired me to make an Easter one this year). My festive efforts are always so 'rushed', I'm really going to try harder this Crhistmas!

    Happy Valentine's Day to you x

  2. Ahh, your Valentine fancies look so pretty! What a treat for customers at the Coffee Tree this morning! Happy Valentines Day sweetie! Hope you and your Valentine share a lovely evening together! xoxo

  3. WOW!! Super wow! Those are so cute and sparkly and I guess the glitter is edible huh. Not sure I've ever seen that tho I must have. Maybe it just looks sparklier on your hearts than in the bottles. I think those should be used in magic ceremonies to attract love. If only I had one! Those will certainly make the day of anyone lucky enough to have one. Great job and completely cupid inspired!

  4. wow!! These look beautiful :) I'm going to have to spend more time on your blog for sure :) ... I scrolled quickly down and see a few recipes that i actually can make myself lol

    Wonderful job!
    Denise of Ingleside
    Prince Edward Island

  5. How deliciously wonderful for your Valentine's Day post, honey!! They are sooo gorgeous!! I have never seen edible glittery hearts before..they make me think of Princess food!!! Can imagine a mom buying one for her daughter for their tea together : ) Have a wonderful day with your sweetie, Rachel!! Hugs, Sherry xx

  6. Gorgeous fancies Rachel! They are just darling and if there was ever a day for not being subtle, today is it ♥ I bet they were snaffled in seconds at The Coffee Tree.
    Happy Valentine's day to you and Paul
    Love Morwenna

  7. They are spectacular!! I love the shape, the colors!! How fun to arrive at the coffee shop today to find these there!!!! Bravo!!!! Encore, encore!!

  8. I will have one for me and three for the children please! I hope that you had a wonderful Valentines Day, Love love love


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