Thursday 10 February 2011

Almost the weekend..

This morning was dark, rainy...the sort of morning when I'm so happy that I do what I do! Getting to the kitchen, switching on lights, ovens....weighing, pouring, mixing...the brightness, warmth and gentleness of working early in the day. It'll be different in a few months when the sun will be up, the air will be soft & I'll be longing to be outside. But for now, I'm happy to be in my kitchen for as long as I need to be...
For the Coffee Tree today, I made these Double Cheese & Poppyseed Scones. Extra  mature cheddar.  Sharp, blue Gorgonzola piccante. And organic poppyseeds bought on my trip to Australia in the little dairy town of Maleny. Just delicious!
Next, I decorated the cake I made for them yesterday afternoon...Lemon Curd Layer Cake. Lemon is such a popular flavour that I'm always thinking of new ways to use it in my baking. This is a light sponge with lots of lemon zest in the batter...

and then I filled it with lemon buttercream and fresh lemon curd..topping it with more buttercream and lemon zest...

I think it looks so fresh and Spring-like (even though I know that Spring is, really, a little way off yet!)

And lastly, I made a batch of cookies. The recipe was sent to me by my dear friend Sue and I had to try it right away...

they are really chewy, coconutty, chocolate chippy....dee-licious! I won't print the recipe in case it's needed for her wonderful website. It didn't come with a title. So when I delivered the boxful to the coffee shop along with the other goodies this morning, the label simply said 'Susan's Cookies' !!

A special hug today to my friend Dawn, otherwise known as Country Girl as it's her 30th birthday! Much love to you sweetie - I remember being 30...30's are fun!!



  1. everything looks wonderful rachel...those poppyseed scones are so beautiful...have you made anything out of Sarabeth yet?

    i made oatmeal cookies yesterday...just old fashion...

    sending a hug to sweet alice...and YOU!!!


    kary and teddy

  2. Those are all super fantastic looking. Your cakes remind me of adorable hats the way the frosting is swirled on top. I can just picture a ribbon at each side to hold it onto the cake. Every day I start the day hungry seeing your treats. Ok hungrier. Funny how popular lemon is, can't say lemon in desserts is a fave of mine tho it's very pretty. I did once make a cornmeal cookie with lemon and they were very refreshing. In any case, spectacular job as always and a treat to see and fantasize about.

  3. Rachel, I love lemon as well--I know it's sort of a love/hate thing with people, but for me, there is just something about the tart/sweet combination that I always love and it goes so well with tea!! You totally out-did yourself today with a multitude of delights!! That Sue for sending such a yummy recipe.....and now that you've tried it out and it works....maybe she'll send it out to others!! hint-hint
    I agree w/Nancy on the swirling looks very creamy and the lemon grating atop it is so pretty!! When is cookbook coming out? I would like to place my order!!

  4. How delightful that you so enjoy your job and love early mornings working in your warm kitchen!! When you love your job, it really isn't work! Everything looks so yummy, Rachel!!
    May you always love what you do, and may the people who eat what you make, appreciate your talents!! Hugs, Sherry xx

  5. Rachel,
    Your double cheese poppy seed scones look so tall and beautiful! I would love to try one of those! Also, the sponge cake looks incredible too. I like lemon too, as long as it is not too zingy. I prefer a light lemon taste, Nuno on the other hand, the more zing, the better. The cookies look tasty too! Glad you enjoyed them. Funny how everyone has their own taste. One thing is for sure, everything you make looks delicious. Have a wonderful day sweetie! xo

  6. You got me in the mood for a decadent afternoon cream tea.


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