Monday 17 January 2011

Monday Bakes...

After a lovely weekend of eating and exploring in London, it was good to get back into the warm fug of the kitchen this morning and start creating. I've just got back from my second bake of the day...16 trays of Double Chocolate & Walnut Brownies, Apricot & Ginger Flapjacks, Rocky it feels good to have those made and stacked for delivery and now I can relax a bit with a cup of tea!

Early this morning was considerably less frantic. The Coffee Tree's order was one of my favourites because they're easy to make but taste and smell so good! Raspberry Jam Doughnut Muffins....mmm!
Vanilla-speckled muffins with a ruby red raspberry jam centre. Sounds good enough?
Well, I'm sure they would be...but the finishing touch comes when they are removed from the oven but still hot...
while the cakes are still in the tin, I brush them twice with hot melted butter and the pop them out and dip the tops in sparkling white sugar crystals before leaving on a wire rack to cool slightly.

It's this process that lifts them from the good to the sublime..
They looked lovely and were greeted with a big 'oohh' when I got to the coffeeshop which is just what I like to hear!

I hope you're enjoying your Monday. Welcome to the week xo


  1. Oh gosh, you got me at "brush them twice with hot melted butter...and dip the tops in sparkling white sugar crystals"! Mmm...I can see why all the ooohs and ahhhs! Would love to have a taste of one right now! Happy Monday sweetie! xoxo

  2. Ahhh, mornings with Rachel! Something I am really getting uesd to! I bet they were greeted with ooo's and ahhh's!! My only regret is not being right there in the Coffee Tree when you bring in all these delightful treats!!
    The darling checked cupcake papers are so charming with the donut muffins!! Yummy yums! Love & hugs, Sherry

  3. Uh oh I need a doughnut muffin right this moment! I really do not fancy my lovely (usually!) afternoon snack of an apple anymore, I need a doughnut muffin instead!
    Hope you are relaxing with a cup of something warm and refreshing on this Monday afternoon
    Love Morwenna

  4. Oh yumm they all look so amazing & now i am starved! smile...
    Glad you had a lovely weekend! Happy Monday!

    xoxo Gert

  5. This one MUST be in the cookbook Rachel- it looks and sounds so so delicious!! I am indeed going to treat myself today. I actually made an almond/lemon cake for the workers!! Either the sugar will make them work faster or they will do a few small favors I may ask for such as PLEASE DON'T BREAK ANYTHING!

    What a lucky shop to have you make such yummy goodies for them!! I'm sure they ooo'd and awe'd!! I am, too!! Blessings and Hugs!! xx

  6. Yum, one of the kids absolute favourites! I make them for my work colleagues sometimes, not as good as yours, but they go down well! Love love love

  7. Don't those just look fantastic. And 12 million brownies too. Did you make them in the new mixer or are you still using bicep power? Yum times a zillion!


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