Saturday 15 January 2011

Just words..

Good morning and welcome to Saturday! I'm in London this morning, where it's grey, overcast...but thankfully dry and even warm by recent standards (about 10c) which makes such a difference...the birds sing and everything is a little less....Winter! That's the only word!

I have no pictures for today's post. Because I left for the weekend yesterday afternoon, I made my Coffee Tree delivery for today then...and wouldn't you know it, the battery went on my camera. SO annoying because I think pictures are a necessity. BUT I didn't want to not tell you what I baked, so here I am and hope you will forgive me...we are taking lots of interesting photos today to make up for it!

Firstly, I had a special request to make more of the Mini Victoria Sponges from earlier in the week. They sold so well and everyone who tried one loved I made another 10 of those (and you all know what they looked like anyway!)

Then, I made a tray of Double Mango Cake. This is a beautiful, sunny coloured also contained ginger, cinnamon and a little allspice. I called it 'double mango' because it was made with fresh and dried fruit. Earlier this week, a very thoughtful friend gave me a present from his recent trip to Thailand of some wonderful, soft & fragrant dried mango. While we could eat our way through the whole box quite easily, I thought it would be interesting to add some to this cake and see how it turned out. It looked and smelled good...very I'll await the feedback on Monday!

Lastly, I made a big, tall, Caramel Cake. Two layers of sponge (I used organic dark muscovado sugar to give a butterscotch-y flavour and extra softness to it...) filled and topped with vanilla buttercream frosting. I also made some burnt caramel sauce which I cooled and spread on the bottom layer before the frosting, and then drizzled over the top of the cake to finish with a Jackson Pollock-esque flourish!

I so wish you could see it - but I hope that you can close your eyes and imagine. I'd like to cut you a slice right now. Maybe one day?!

Have a wonderful Saturday....xo


  1. Yay, first to comment! I am at work and starving, so can picture your divine cakes to the last ingredient! I hope that you have a wonderful weekend. I'm not surprised that you had a special request for those beautiful little sponges. Thanks Rachel. Love love love

  2. Rachel,
    Although there aren't any photos, your wonderful details allow me to picture every single thing! Glad to know you are in London enjoying the mild weather. Looking forward to seeing the pictures you are taking. Here, it is snowing, and has been all night. By the way, one day you will have to cut me one slice! Enjoy your weekend sweetie. xoxo

  3. Oh, how I wish I had a slice of that Carmel Cake right now with my coffee! Mmmmm, I think I can even smell it.... Thank you for making our Saturday a brighter day.

  4. Rachel....the details are magnificent!! I LOVE mangoes- dried, fresh, .....all wonderful! In fact, I sliced up a fresh mango yesterday for breakfast with a few blueberries scattered atop for color with a bit of fresh mint sprig on side. This dessert sounds outstanding and I LOVE the fact that they ordered more Victoria sponge mini's.....that would make me super happy! Saw The King's Speech last night and found it to be extraordinary- loved it all. My middle daughgter, hub and myself had a satisfying dinner beforehand and then straigtaway to the theater, which was filled to the brim, by the way. Luckily, we found 3 seats together but people who arrived later had those dreaded 1st rows!! It was charming, warm, funny, and so many other emotions. The true story behind it made it even better. Well done....Colin and the rest of the cast were wonderful. I think I'm ready for a trip to England!! XX have a wonderful London weekend.....we're all dark and gloomy here today; no rain, but no sunshine either. Colorado shares your cloudy day today. Youngest daughter left NZ an hour ago....on her way home!! Love and Hugs, Joann

  5. Dear Rachel, your baking sounds so wonderful and it is okay that there are no pictures. You have 'painted the picture' of the cakes very beautifully. I can just see the Pollock action strokes on the cake now! Wishing you a lovely weekend in London and we thank you for your gift of blogging as we know the folks who frequent the Coffee Tree thank you for the fruit of your labors! Much love, Sherry xx

  6. Caramel cake? Yum! In my childhood, we sometimes a delicious caramel cake called "Gâteau Saint Raphaël" (I think). I can't find it anywhere anymore, sadly.

  7. Oh Rachel..your cakes sound scrumptious. You did such a wonderful job describing them that I could just visulize each & everyone of them & want a bite of each one. smile.... Glad you are in a warmer London! Enjoy your weekend!

    Cold & snowy here in Iowa!

    xoxo Gert

  8. Ohh doesn't all that sound utterly fantastic. Can't tell if it sounds better cause I'm starving at the moment or because those could become faves of mine should I be so lucky to visit that cafe where your treats can be had daily. In any case, I can practically taste those mango & caramel desserts and feel as tho I've already tasted the mini sponges.

    Have fun in London. Hope it's a relaxing and super fun weekend.


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