Sunday 19 November 2017

All the Sugar Moon Christmas Ordering Details...and some other stuff!!

 November 19th 2017...and I'm horribly aware that I haven't updated this blog for very nearly a whole year! Well, here I am to rectify that! 

This has been an incredibly busy and different year for me and for Sugar Moon Brownies . On a personal level, life has been turned wonderfully upside down by the fact that my beloved middle sister and her three children arrived from Australia last December. They have been living very close to us and our lives have become beautifully linked in all sorts of ways. The joy of having Esther popping in on a Sunday morning for a cup of tea is one that only those with dear relatives that have emigrated will understand. Such a simple pleasure, but one that is so precious when for so long it's been impossible. Unfortunately, they will be going back in January (which I can't now bear to think about) but it's been so amazing....

And already it's Thanksgiving in the U.S on Thursday - we shared an early celebration with our dear American friends last year before they sailed home...this was my attempt at a seasonal table!
 The year turns...the days shorten...the morning mists descend...the leaves turn all shades of red, brown and gold before they fall...
 ..and thoughts turn to cosy 'hygge' evenings...comfort foods...plates of warmed Sugar Moon brownies by the fire..
 perhaps planning early for Christmas which will be upon us in little more than a month now...
 Sugar Moon has had quite a year too! As well as sending out literally hundreds and hundreds of boxes to addresses all over the UK, we moved to our new unit kitchen in early May. If you follow our Instagram or Facebook accounts (thanks so much to all of you who do!) you will have seen more details of this...we used to share a commercial kitchen with another company which worked brilliantly at first. But as Sugar Moon has grown, it became impractical and so we have moved to a small industrial area very close to where I started baking commercially almost 14 years ago (as The Blue Angel Bakery in those days!) I used to be at Unit 7, and am now at Unit it feels like coming home in many ways! If you are ever in the Aylesbury area and would like to visit us then please do let me know - via the social media accounts linked above or through Twitter or give us a call on the number on the contact page of our website - just to check I'm around. The kettle will be on and you may even get a warm brownie to go with your mug of coffee!

Another innovation this year has been our hand drawn and painted seasonal recipe gift cards...a snippet of the Autumn version above! The Christmas ones will be ready soon. Just a little extra from us to you...because we really do value our customers above everything else at Sugar Moon ...

And now to those Christmas ordering details...(deep breath!!)

PLEASE, PLEASE be aware that the post is incredibly busy throughout the whole of December - I know that sounds obvious, but packages that usually arrive next day can often be 4-5 days at this time of year. IF YOU NEED THE BROWNIES TO BE THERE ON A CERTAIN DAY...or even just WANT them to be...PLEASE consider using our 'Guaranteed Date' post option. Yes, it does cost more this way. But we don't make any money from it at all...we just pass on the actual cost. And it's the ONLY WAY to make sure that the brownies are where you want them when you need them to be! You can select this option when you check out - just click on the drop down and select the delivery date you'd like (from the box to the right) and the postage will be added on automatically. We HATE anyone to be disappointed and we'll do our very best to get the brownies to you or your recipient as quickly as we can - but we need your help to do this!!
For Christmas delivery : LAST ORDERS ARE AT 10AM on MONDAY 18th DECEMBER. All orders will then be baked and sent out in time for Christmas. Don't forget to include a gift message for your lucky recipient if they're for someone else! 


Throughout December - if your order is NOT for Christmas, then PLEASE DO LET US KNOW by emailing or leaving a note to us in the gift message box. Otherwise your brownies will be packaged in festive wrapping which may not be appropriate if they are for a birthday or other occasion! We'll check with you anyway in our acknowledgement email, but the more information you can give us the better!PLEASE ALSO BE AWARE THAT IN DECEMBER ONLY, IT MAY NOT BE POSSIBLE TO BAKE AND SEND ORDERS THE SAME DAY AS WE USUALLY DO IF ORDERED BY 10AM - WE WILL, OF COURSE, DO OUR VERY BEST AND IF POSSIBLE WE CERTAINLY WILL - BUT IT CAN'T BE GUARANTEED ABSOLUTELY AT THIS EXCEPTIONAL TIME OF YEAR!!

I hope that all makes sense - if you have any more questions or anything at all, then please do let us know. You can email us at : 
You can find us on Facebook HERE 

As always...thanks to EVERYONE who has ordered from Sugar Moon Brownies during 2017. We truly wouldn't be here without you, and we are more grateful than you will ever know for your support and, in many cases, friendship. The world of a small independent business can be a difficult and sometimes lonely one. But the pleasure of supplying and interacting with so very many wonderful people truly makes it a very special experience!

Enjoy what remains of the Autumn and 2017 xx