Monday 22 January 2018

Behind the brownies....

 I don't normally write personal posts on this blog - I'm not sure anyone wants to read them! You can see a bit 'behind the scenes' on the Sugar Moon Instagram account most days...but I thought I'd write a little bit more personally in this one post for those that ARE interested!
 This is the little 'inspiration display' above my brownie packing table in the kitchen. The slogan postcards are from the Imperial War Museum  - reproductions of actual public information and propaganda messages during WW2. Still words to live by today (although I find that Mondays are the perfect time to take an alcoholic drink myself!!)  There are other cards from small, independent business like Sugar Moon Brownies too...I try and buy from them as much as possible and there are some great ones out there! Oubas Knitwear and Bramley (handmade natural cleansing products) are two in the picture and both recommended!
 I'm a little bit melancholy at the moment...the past couple of months have been difficult on a personal level. The home I was lucky enough to grow up in was sold just before Christmas - it was the right thing to do but after almost 40 years in the family, it was a wrench for us all...

And then, just over a week ago, my darling sister and her three children went back to their home in Australia after living a few doors from me for over a year. The best thing about them going is the peace and quiet. The worst thing is...the peace and quiet! They all brought such joy and fun to our lives and the last few weeks trying to cram in the things we hadn't done (going up The Shard and on the London Eye...the all important trip to the Harry Potter Studios....) as well as packing up a years worth of...LIFE...was incredibly draining. Little things are the hardest. Taking redundant school uniforms to the school office to be re-used...looking up at the clock at 'school run time' (we had the routine down to a fine art!!), our Friday night curry ritual and not buying The Beano every Wednesday...but it will get better.
These three and their Mum have left a big hole behind! So I'm taking a few days off to visit somewhere that always makes me feel better. The house/dog sitter is arranged (thank you Aunty Mary!) and Salzburg and - most importantly - Mozart beckon. 

The kitchen is closed until 30th January - details on our Facebook page and, of course, our homepage. I will return...refreshed, revitalised and excited by all that 2018 has to offer!!

Thank you for reading and - as always - for choosing Sugar Moon Brownies . xx