Monday 18 April 2011

Twas the week before Easter...

Lots to show you today, from my recent deliveries to The Coffee Tree. This is a Chocolate & Salted Caramel Cake....

Dark, soft chocolate cake with milk chocolate whipped frosting in the middle & on top...drizzled with sea salted's one of those cakes that I have to get out of the house I'm in danger of burying my face in it otherwise!

I think it's the smooth silkiness of the frosting, the deep chocolate flavour and the crunch of the salt flakes with the ultra sweet caramel....mmmmmmm!

Toasted Coconut Cake....another beautifully fragranced offering to the Gateau Gods!

We don't get the lovely moist flaked coconut that's available in the US & Australia, so have to make do with sort of shavings that I toast myself...

Lemon Passionfruit Muffins went down a treat....all gone in 2 hours!

The actual muffins were just very lemony  quite plain...with a very zingy fruity fresh passionfruit glaze which I put on while they were still warm...

And here are two trays of my famous Cranberry Carmelita Bars. Difficult to show you because I couldn't cut into them to photograph...but imagine an oaty, buttery, crunchy top & bottom with dried cranberries, chocolate chips & caramel sauce in the middle...again, very popular (I make variations on them with walnuts replacing the cranberries, which I prefer...)
So that's a little selection. There will be lots of egg-themed delights this week of watch this space!

Happy Monday xo


  1. Oh, yum! That chocolate and salted caramel cake looks delicious. The muffins look and sound mouthwatering. Love a lemony taste and passionfruit too!
    Hope you have a peaceful Easter break after your busy week.

  2. I agree! The chocolate & salted caramel cake looks scrumptious. Wish the Coffee Tree was near me, so I could buy a slice!! Everything looks beautiful, as always. Enjoy the rest of your day! xo

  3. Ohh you're killing me here. I'm moaning as I look at all this. It's embarrassing! How delicious. Think your shaved coconut way nicer than our shredded. Very hungry! Want treats! Moving to England tomorrow!

  4. Don't have much time to say it as I am going to bed now, but this looks delicious.

    My parents are here, my mum worship Mozart like you do, or almost. I don't think it is possible, but I wish I could make them visit your bakery.

  5. I just have to try drizzling caramel like that sometime--I've never done it and it looks so mouth-watering!! My oldest daughter just LOVES caramel and she has a b'day coming up on May 4---maybe I'll try it for that! I think it's odd that you cannot find the coconut that is moist over there...I'm happy to send some if you'd like! (if they don't try and confiscate it)....everything is so beautiful you!

    Joann in CO

  6. Oh my lord, well I don't have to choose so I won't, the only problem I now have is in what order shall I scoff them? Love love love xxxx

    ps Thanks so much for the typewriter x

  7. Oh, my!!! I so want your book, honey!! Your turn of phrase...Gateau Gods...ah, yes! I am
    sure they are very pleased! Can't wait to see and hear all about more treats, for the wedding, Easter, etc!! Love, Sherry xx

  8. oh ho ho! Look at all that! I want some. I'm feeling so hungry now, your sweet treats always look so very tempting. You are mean to tempt me!! xxx


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