Sunday 3 April 2011

Mother's Day Treats

These are the Strawberry Chocolate Fudge Bars I made for The Coffee Tree yesterday, part of their Mother's Day weekend offerings! I have to thank the wonderful Jaz of October Farm who posted this amazingly delicious and easy recipe on her beautiful blog on Friday. Her description caught my imagination immediately, and I had to try it out. I used a different frosting, as you'll see...I wanted an all-chocolate cake, so the shiny dark chocolate ganache seemed appropriate. But I'll be using this recipe a lot - and I urge you to try it too, it's sticky and intensely flavoured and, above all, quick!!
Have I convinced you to try it yet?!

So that was my chocolate fix dealt with - and now I wanted to make something vanilla-y and light...fitting for a gorgeous Spring weekend...

You may not be able to see the glitter, but these are Vanilla Cupcakes with Meringue Buttercream you can tell, I eschewed the traditional pink colouring for violet...which I adore! The frosting recipe was taken from Sarabeth Levine's Bakery book...another discovery that I'll be making a lot from now on! Despite being full of unsalted butter, the gorgeously light, whipped texture means that the frosting isn't at all sickly or sweet. A real winner and so versatile too...

I made a few extra to take to MY mum today...I'm very lucky to have a mother who's also a wonderful friend and I love her very, very much!

Have a wonderful Sunday, whether you're celebrating Mother's Day or not! Blowing a kiss to you....xo


  1. Wow! Such lucky customers at the Coffee Tree today! Those chocolate fudge bars look incredible. I love anything chocolate! And the cupcakes look gorgeous too! Happy Mother's Day dear Rachel! How wonderful that you and your mom have such a great relationship! To have a mother, is incredible, but to have a friend in her, is perfection! Enjoy the rest of your day! xoxo

  2. The cupcakes look so beautiful in violet. Happy Mother's day to everyone in the Northern hemisphere, we don't celebrate ours until May. To the Mothers by birth, or the Mothers by proxy, you make the world go around every day and your love and support is unequalled. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Happy Mother's Day Rachel!!! I am in love with the cupcakes-they are adorable!! The swirly swirls are delightful!! Your mum will LOVE them and especially love the fact that you brought them over to her---
    What wonderful treats for the Coffee Tree--and I will look at that recipe and give it a try! I hope your Sunday has been just beautiful and that your furry friends are being good to THEIR MUM!! Love you! xx

  4. Hmmm!!!! You totally had me convinced to try that fudgy recipe. But there wasn't a recipe to try. Want it!! Love the lavender icing too--looks like one of those prize winning roses. Sure the local moms are up to their ears in your yummy treats today!

  5. This is a wonderful treat to mothers for mothers day! very tempting!Buy Desserts

  6. What lovely treats, Rachel! We will celebrate Mother's Day here on May 8, and will spend the week-end with the only one of our daughters who is a mother.:)

  7. Thanks for the rice tip for the pies, I may give it a try!

    Your pastries look divine! You've got some talent! We don't celebrate Mother's Day until May in the States.

    Have a great week and thanks for stopping by!



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