Friday 29 April 2011

Wedding Cakes...

I'm just about to leave to watch The Wedding (capitals!) with my Mum...but I thought I'd quickly post a few pictures of some of the cakes I made yesterday for different customers...these vanilla cupcakes were for The Coffee Tree (which is closed today) and I made extra to take there tomorrow morning too...
Especially pleased with the hearts & the Union Jack wrappers...I made 2 extra for Mum & Dad too!

Next was a huuuge chocolate cake (14 inches square) for a Garden Party this afternoon with 60 guests. I wasn't given any real instructions, just that it be chocolate. So, being me, I went a bit mad...

everything is edible bar the little flag picks above the hearts...

And there's red, blue and gold glitter there doesn't photograph too well...

I love the Union Jack sugar buttons...

I made the sugar crowns and brushed them with gold lustre powder...the initials are picked out in gold glitter too!
Hope you like them...I have to deliver the big cake on my way to the farm I hope THEY like it too!!

Happy Wedding Day everyone xoxo


  1. Ohh totally gorgeous and yummy looking. So glad you have day off to enjoy the wedding. Wish I were eating your cakes, wedding or not!

  2. I can't imagine that they would be anything other than thrilled with this lovely cake. I hope you have a lovely wedding day. I remember when his Mum and Dad got married, it was a great day. I hope that they fare better, I'm sure they will. xxxx

  3. Oh that cake! Sadly our wedding cake was nothing like this one, just one of those "classic" fruit cakes. I am no monarchist, but I could have a slice of that chocolate cake.

  4. Hi Rachel, your cake looks fabulous. I love the little hearts and the
    Unionjack buttons. The cupcakes work really well in the red, white and blue, very patriotic. We cut "the real cake" at our little tea party whilst watching the proceedings. Almond cherry cake, one that I hadn't made before but would definitely repeat. Pleased you managed to have a day off to relax, enjoy and take tea xx

  5. Lovely and delicious as usual, Rachel! I just couldn't stay in bed this morning and was up at 4:00 EDT to watch the wedding. I baked scones in honor of the day, as well as a version of the groom's cake. I hope you enjoyed watching with your mother.

  6. Hi sweetie! Sorry I missed your post yesterday. Want to tell you how beautiful your chocolate cake is! Wow, it's big and decorated so beautifully. I love the Union Jack buttons and the hearts and the flags too! I am sure everyone at the party loved the cake, inside and out! BTW, yesterday's wedding was beautiful! Everyone is still talking about it today. I absolutely loved Kate's dress! Have a happy weekend!! xoxo

  7. The chocolate cake is just amazing!! I hope you get a few comments back--I always hate asking but LOVE to hear if they liked it or not. This is a masterpiece!!!!
    I love it!!

  8. Wow!What a cake design!I like your cakes and I love to have all these cakes!


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