Monday 8 September 2014

Blueberry brownies...and a question...with a prize!

 September is a week old already...and here at Sugar Moon we're experimenting with some new brownie flavours and combinations. One of our customers, and fellow blogger , Guillaume suggested we try fresh blueberries... we did! There are dried sour cherries in there too, for extra flavour...
 and milk chocolate chips on top, as well as milk & white chocolate chunks inside...
 ...the colour combinations are quite beautiful, I think....
 ...and the tray is currently cooling on the rack before being chilled overnight prior to cutting...
I think this will be a very 'juicy' brownie - and, of course, I'm really hoping it will be delicious.

Now, for a disclosure and a question. My confession is that I'm not terribly fond of 'wacky flavoured' brownies. Some I have seen for sale elsewhere seem to contain everything but the kitchen sink! I've seen Tiramisu, Black Forest, Ginger, Strawberries & Cream, Carrot brownie form. I love anything nutty - I think every nut just goes beautifully with chocolate...and strong, single flavour notes - like Espresso or our bestselling Salted Caramel. But we don't only bake brownies for ourselves! So my question is...what are your views on this (if you have any?!) and what is your favourite brownie flavour?

I'd absolutely love to if you'd like to, please leave a comment! To act as a little thanks, I will send 6 of the blueberry brownies above to the poster of my favourite UK comment (the other 6 are being sent off to Guillaume, for his great idea...) and the best comment from 'the rest of the world' will win a little something too. But these brownies won't wait too long - so, British readers, I need those comments by midday tomorrow please so I can get them in the post in great condition! Rest of the have until the next post!

Thanks so much - I can't wait to read your views!


  1. Oh! Rachel, Rachel, Rachel. These look, and sound, simply amazing! Guillaume is a wise man indeed. I'm sure these are good for you on so many levels, especially as they contain super fruits and chocolate and I know my vitamins and anti~oxidants need boosting.
    I have a little booklet, 101 Brownie recipes, and one of my favourites is a milk chocolate brownie with a cream cheese swirl. I haven't made brownies in years now. I plan to try your Salted Caramel for my birthday! ~~~waving~~~

  2. Rachel, I generally consider a brownie to be pure chocolate. The addition of chopped nuts is always a treat, and a frosting of chocolate (preferably dark) is the 'icing on the cake!' That said, I'd never turn down any of the aforementioned varieties; your salted caramel sounds delicious. My favorite hot beverage is coffee flavored with chocolate and peppermint ... so I'd certainly try a brownie with that combination. Thanks for asking!

    Hugs from Alabama

  3. Rachel, I agree with you that the very best brownies are 'tried and true' varieties; however, people love exotic flavors and something different and out of the ordinary. So, a possible 'flavor of the month' might be an exceptional idea that will still focus on the tried and true varieties for 'most' people and something to tantalize those with a more adventurous spirit. Bravo for thinking outside the box and trying something different!! xoxo Joann

  4. It's so tricky isn't it? I mean, how can you tell if something is really really good, if it isn't something that you love to death yourself? But then again, if we all liked just the same things, you'd be bored to tears just making the same thing day after day after day.

    Personally, I am with you about the nuts. Walnuts mainly. Or macadamia. Or hazelnuts. Maybe not whole almonds, they are a little bit hard on my crowns.

    Caramel, hmmmm never sure. Brownies are already pretty sweet, but then the salt cuts the sweet somewhat. So yes, caramel is allowed in.

    Oh and I forgot about raspberries and cherries.

    OK. It is all good. If it is chocolate and delicious stuff, I'm all for it..

  5. Hi Rachel, my son has recently developed a liking for trail mix. How about dried shredded coconut together with chopped dried apricots and chopped brazil nuts? The blueberry brownies look delicious. I think you are very adventurous trying something new, and wanting to share it too is such a generous gesture. My favourite brownies are your salted caramel ones. They are totally divine Anne xx

  6. Hello sweet Rachel! I am with you on the purist nature of brownies! I love that rich chocolate flavor and am not sure about all the additions. Nuts of ANY kind do enhance the brownies. For my taste, they MUST have nuts (hazelnuts are my favorites!). I have tried dried cherries along with extra chocolate chips and that is yummy, indeed! (I know you can't send me brownies because of where I live but I shall live vicariously through your scrumptious brownie photos!) xo

  7. Dear Rachel: The blueberry brownies look very colorful and different. It would be fun to try them. I am with the pure chocolate crowd, but I am a hopeless chocoholic! The darker the better. However, I will make way for cherry or strawberry flavors -- especially at Valentine's Day or Christmas -- the red color is so appropriate! Nuts are always a must -- walnuts or pecans are my favorites. I agree with Debs O'brien. You cannot beat the antioxidants of the blueberries! You are delightfully adventurous as your brand name, Sugar Moon Brownies indicates. So I say go for it! Try all of them at least once and see what happens!! We might all be surprised by new tastes we will fall in love with. I'm going to try some of your ideas on this side of the Pond! xo

  8. Oh thank you so much for your generosity! And for going with my suggestion. I have a special attachment for blueberries as it is the emblematic fruit of my region, the Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean. But I know the mix blueberries and chocolate is delicious and I cannot wait to eat these brownies!

  9. Oh my Rachel, looks absolutely delicious! My favorite brownie is gooey with nuts & frosting. But, I sure would like to taste all your other combinations, I might have a new favorite! Thanks for asking! Take care! xoxo

  10. Damn it. I had written a post, the gist of which was I like them plain and the crusty edges and molten middles are enough variation. Then the freaking thing disappeared. Ok so, PLAIN. No nuts, no fruit, no chips, no goldfish crackers. I don't think dried cherries are a bad idea. Dried pineapple might work. Some people would like bacon, maybe with dried fruit. Some would add ice cream when serving. But I'd still take them plain. :)


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