Monday 31 October 2011

The first morning of a new life!

So that's that! After 8 years and 3 owners...the Coffee Tree has once again changed hands, but the new people have decided to go on without me. They have their own plans and ideas. A new broom! I wish them every good thing....but I can't pretend that the past week hasn't been a strange one!
For the final few days, I thought I'd deliver some old favourites from the past...cakes that have been requested and loved many times...

like good old Blueberry Buttermilk Muffins...

and Chocolate Salted Caramel Cake....
In the middle of the week I also had the Farmer's Market - it was half-term too, and I thought the Hallowe'en theme was appropriate!

and if you read my last post, Robin's banana date cake sold out by lunchtime!

Then it was back to thinking of the Coffee Tree's final days. There was a farewell drinks party on Friday evening at the shop, full of everyone I many sweet comments and people who's lives I've shared a little of over the years. I was given cards & presents...a beautiful white orchid...I shed a few tears.
And Saturday dawned - a beautiful, sunshine day. I was up early as usual, as I wanted to make sure that everything was perfect for my final delivery - the most popular items of all, really:
Victoria Sponge Cake (with non-traditional decoration...but I couldn't resist!)

my famous cheddar scones....(pictured on their stand at the shop)

and finally...I wanted something fun, so I made these vanilla cupcakes...

that said it all in as many ways as I could think of!  I popped in a few times that day- some customers who had moved away made a special journey back to say goodbye, so I had coffee and a chat with old friends. And then it was time to really say goodbye, with a hug and a few sobs! Thanks to Sue & Barry, Roy & Sandra for being such fabulous, loyal customers. We've shared so much over the years - while supplying them I've got married, had a heart attack, two nephews have been born...we've all been through good times and bad together and supported each other through everything. I wish them all a happy & fulfilled retirement!

Monday morning - today felt very strange, will continue to feel so for a while yet, I think. I have been so programmed into always thinking of the next thing to bake for them, searching for new ideas to try out, planning my work day around them. The only customers who never gave me an order - I always just baked what I thought (hoped) would be right...and, thankfully, it usually was! A great freedom, but also a great responsibility in that arrangement.

Anyway...I'm looking forward now, as always (the only way to look!) So much to do and accomplish - I have a book to finish, I'm baking christmas cakes this week, and I have so much to plan and prepare. But I'll always think fondly of my time with The Coffee Tree...and everything it's given me over the years.

I hope you have a wonderful week and a faaaabulously spooky Hallowe'en! xo


  1. Oh Rachel....such a bittersweet story....and yes, even though 8 years have passed so quickly, how much has happened in the past 8 years makes it all so much more meaningful. My goodness sweetie. I'm feeling much the same in this strange rental house and all the changes that have taken place in the past few months. Some days I feel like I'm walking on eggshells, but last night in bed I told myself that I'm tired of feeling scared....I need to move forward with NO FEAR---and look forward to new joys!!

    The cookies are precious---how wonderful to sit and chat with customers have a heart like none other....


  2. Dearest Rachel,
    What a beautiful and touching post. I want to wish you a happy first day of your new life. I can imagine how strange it must feel, not baking for the Coffee Tree. I, too, feel strange, that you're not baking for the Coffee Tree, believe it or not. I was used to seeing your weekly baked goods and surprises and delights. Your photos of cakes and cupcakes are gorgeous. I'm wishing I could have some of that Victoria Sponge cake, right now! And the cupcakes were so appropriate! I'm glad you got to say goodbye and shed a few tears. This chapter has come to an end. It's time to turn the page and let another chapter begin. Love you dearest!!!

    Rosinda xoxo

  3. Oh, I don't know weather to be sorry or glad. It sounds as though your bakes are going to be very much missed and if that salted caramel cake is anything to go by, I'm already feeling devastated! Glad you had a good send off though and hope the next chapter is a good one.

  4. Ahhh I'm sighing here. Now I have no reason to want to go to the Coffee Tree. Probably many of their customers will feel the same and the new owners will soon realize what a treasure they've lost.

    I'm excited for you though because a new phase is always exciting. Charging into the unknown is a wonderful adventure and an opportunity for new thrills and chills. Who can complain about that. I love the cupcakes with their salutations. So fitting. Wish I had one of those scones now.

    Did you really have a heart attack? Gracious!

  5. Wish I could go trick or treating to your place. Happy Halloween.

  6. It sounds like a beautiful farewell, which is fitting for such a good chapter of your life. Looking on from afar (very afar!), it seems like this is the right course for you to be on now. You're heading into a bright future and have much to accomplish, so this ending is really a beginning. I'm looking forward to seeing where you go next! xoxo

  7. Oh, honey...this made me tear up...I just wonder how many of the customers will request your wonderful baked goodies from the new owner?? Things may change. Who knows?! Oh, dear...all the ways to say goodbye, all written out with love...words fail me...I wish the best for are so talented!! I was stunned to read you had had a heart attack. Oh, wow! I know you work physically hard, but do be careful. Good health is such a precious gift! All my love to you, Rachel...hugs, Sherry xoxo

  8. Dearest Rachel, a lovely touching blog. The Coffee tree was very lucky to have you. Gorgeous cakes and scones. Are you sure you didn't mean Mac attack? xxxxx

  9. Rachel I have tried to posta few times and for one reason or another it hasn't worked. It must seem really wierd not being part of the coffee tree any more. I am sure that you will have lots to do though. Really looking forward to your book! Your final cakes look fabulous what a brilliant idea!
    How odd that I should read this post so soon after posting about my new venture.
    Looking forward to hear how you are getting on take care and lots of luck. X


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