Saturday 13 August 2011

What I am hearing as I write this morning...

This is what I was listening to as I wrote today's post...I thought you might like to share it and remember why it is that I am, and will always be.....Mozart's Girl!


  1. Thanks for sharing this! It is always to listen to Mozart. Usually on Saturday I listen to his operas, sometimes I sing some arias myself. When Autumn looms like it seems to be these August days, I listen to his Requiem. My brothers and I used to prepare the crabapples to make jelly with it in the background.

  2. Gotta say I'm a jazz not classical girl but this is very pretty and relaxing to listen to--while I was reading your other blog and lusting after your baked goods. I could see how this would be nice music while baking tho Ella Fitzgerald is also hard to beat.


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