Wednesday 3 August 2011

Hot cakes...

Last week was full of birthdays! Not family ones, but customer ones. The cake above was HUGE. It was for a man, so I didn't want to make it look too feminine...they just stipulated 'yummy & chocolatey'...I think it fitted the bill.
It was the Farmer's Market on the Tuesday...and it was having a birthday too...
I made another chocolate cake, which was photographed by the local newspaper at the little 11am  ceremony that marked the occasion...then sliced up and given away free to the shoppers. I love making the sugar paste fruit & veg for the top...I rolled the 'potatoes' in a little cocoa powder to look like mud...
My brownie-of-the-month on the stall was a special sparkly birthday one, filled with coloured smarties and covered in 100's & 1000's and edible glitter...

all the little girls begged their mothers to buy one (and usually succeeded!)

It's been so hot here, too...on Monday I baked brownies until my eyes went swimmy with tiredness! The kitchen felt so steamy. It's not a great time of year to be chained to the stove. But, customers have to be supplied with CAKE! So here are some highlights...

Sugar-crusted blueberry lemon scones...they turned out so beautifully...light & fluffy and not too sweet. I made a few extra so that I could give some to my Dad (who has developed a real sweet tooth as he's got older...)

These will be in my book...White Chocolate Peanut Caramel Shortbread Bars. A mouthful whichever way you look at it! They sold really well too...

And finally, this glossy extravaganza was this morning's delivery (along with Greengage Almond Muffins)
Dark Chocolate & Fresh Raspberry Cake. The fruit is baked into the cake, and I left the ganache frosting plain so that there would be a surprise when it was cut into...the slightly sharp jolt of raspberry against the bitter chocolate is a wonderful contrast.

I have a Victoria Sponge baking as I write...and 60 vanilla cupcakes to bake and ice for collection tomorrow (a wedding) Life is busy at The Blue Angel Bakery this summer, I'm very pleased to say!
I hope that you're having a wonderful week too...xoxo


  1. Ohhh massive sighs of pleasure coming from me. It was like a crescendo going from one beautiful baked yummy to the next but must say my heart was completely captured by the choc raspberry at the end, love that combo. Wish I had a scone right now, so round and lovely. Hungry. Want goodies. Signed, Desperate for Treats

  2. Mmm chocolate raspberry? Or perhaps a scone? Some sparkly brownie? Spoilt for choice. Don't rush the summer away too quickly though I must admit it is a bit sticky in the kitchen here too. X

  3. I want the lemon scones. Or the caramel excellent surprise shortbread. Or the why-aren't-I-in-England choc-raspberry amazing cake! Sigh...

  4. You're even busier than I had imagined sweetie!!! Dearest goodness you do so much baking and in the heat, I truly know how that feels!! I hope it lets up a bit; you need a little vacation to Colorado!!! xoxo Joann

  5. Wow!!
    I just can't wait for your cookbook to come out. :)
    Stay cool in the kitchen.

  6. Hot cakes...I love the title of your post! I don't know where to begin, really. Everything you make always looks incredible. One of my favourites is the Aylesbury FM cake. I love the writing and the vegetables you made by hand. If I had to pick one thing to eat right now, it would be a blueberry lemon scone. They look gorgeous. I can see why your Dad would enjoy them. Have a great day Rachel! xoxo

  7. Wow Rachel you have been so productive! the cakes all look lovely. I like the sparkly brownies. As you say, definitely one for little girls!

  8. Oh, each one is such a delight!! Close to bedtime for me and my mouth is watering!! I would just love a slice of the chocolate raspberry, please! Awaiting your wonderful cookbook!!!! Keep drinking lots of icey cold beverages while you work, sweetie!!! Hope it cools off soon! Love, Sherry xx

  9. I'll have a scone please! They all look lovely, but the scones are the nicest. I love the potatoes on the cake, and the other little veggies. You wouldn't get into Cake Wrecks I'm afraid! xxxxxxxxx

  10. OH! I'm so happy Susan Branch mentioned your blog! Lord have mercy, Girl! I joined Weight Watchers this week and just looking at your blog makes me droooool (so unladylike!) But here's the deal - I am a Mozart fanatic truly. Infact, I'm saving to go to Salzburg, Austria in the next year. Oh my! So not only is the blog divine but also the Mozart attraction!

  11. Good Grief, it's hard looking at all those wonderful delectable works of art and not being able to taste one. Probably good thing I can't get at one, trying to stay clear of sugar and flour for a while. The beautiful chocolate raspberry cake is just divine looking. Probably more enjoyable to bake in the cooler months, know it's hard when so warm. Can't wait for the Cookbook, yes!


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