Monday 21 March 2016

Almost Spring.....

 It's Easter on Sunday...I can't believe that even as I'm writing it! The clocks will be springing forward by an hour and we'll start to see those wonderful long days again. It seems like yesterday that we got back from Australia...the Sugar Moon website was updated and is now more beautiful than ever...then this happened:
Valentine's Day! These were our limited edition Dark Chocolate & Raspberry Brownies, that flew out of the oven and off the shelves that week. We sent out lots of beautiful boxes, with the most romantic messages inside. It's one of the aspects of Sugar Moon that we enjoy most. Handwriting YOUR messages onto one of our specially printed postcards. Each one tells a story and they are almost always happy ones! So don't forget to let us know your message, if the brownies are for a gift. You'll find our 'gift message' box when you are checking out. Sugar Moon brownies make a lovely present to tell someone you love them, you're thinking about congratulate and welcome a new baby, a new house...or just because you feel like it!
 These are our brownie of the moment - Easter Mini Egg Double Chocolate. Strictly limited edition (last orders with free delivery are 10am on Wednesday 23rd March!) and absolutely gorgeous!
 To order, just go to our website and choose the Taster Menu option. Then just drop us a line (or leave a note in the Gift Message box) to let us know you'd like the Easter Specials! We'll do the rest....
 We are always devising new flavours for our retail outlets too. This was last week's Almond Amaretto Brownie for Laurie's Corner . A beautiful brownie, full of ground and flaked almonds with amaretto biscuits soaked in French Brandy too...
 But, as ever, our very bestseller at the moment is the Salted Caramel....
 ...seen above while in production! A layer of our handmade salted caramel goes through the middle of the brownies and caramelises around the edges....they are fudgey and irresistible!

 We do love to have an experiment now and then...
 Peanut Butter Swirl are beloved by many! But not much can beat a warm Salted Caramel or Double Chocolate Brownie with a cup of something hot on a chilly Spring day...
If you haven't already do visit & like our Facebook page ,where we post new flavours and special offers as and when they are well as all the latest news from Sugar Moon!

See you soon and have a great Easter x


  1. As always, you make beauty from everything....from words to brownies!! I love the delightful flavours you create and always enjoy hearing about them!!
    A basket of blessings for Easter and every day!! xoxo

  2. Oh so glad to read you again! And I cannot believe I have been missing your brownies for so long. I am busy trying to find a new home and doing other things, but I think I might buy some for my first house warming party.

  3. Oh my, looks so good! Wish I were there! Happy Easter to you and your family my dear!

  4. Lovely, Rachel! Absolutely mouthwatering. Love the extra holiday touches you include. The salted caramel is beyond sublime-looking!! Can almost taste through the photo! Such good success!! Fun to watch! Jane xo


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