Wednesday 25 November 2015

Christmas at Sugar Moon...

 So...four weeks to go! How are YOU doing? Here at Sugar Moon, our Christmas preparations are in full swing...and we wanted to post the ordering arrangements for December and the holiday period so that everything runs as smoothly as possible!
so....THE CUT-OFF TIME FOR ORDERING BROWNIES FOR CHRISTMAS IS 12 NOON ON FRIDAY 18TH DECEMBER! All brownies will then be baked and sent USING ROYAL MAIL'S 'FIRST CLASS SIGNED FOR' SERVICE on MONDAY 21ST DECEMBER (this is the last day for First Class post).
 Brownies have a good shelf-life of at least a week to ten days (full storage and ingredients lists are enclosed with each order) so they will be fine throughout the important days! They also freeze brilliantly for up to a month.
 You can ORDER at ANYTIME that's convenient for you from now on....just please DROP US AN EMAIL to to let us know that the order is for CHRISTMAS and we will HOLD IT BACK until the right time! Equally, if you'd like your brownies sent for another occasion (or just for you!) and they are NOT FOR CHRISTMAS, then please let us know that too!
If you have any questions, requests or specific instructions then please DO ASK!! You can leave a comment on this post....or email us....or tweet us(@SugarMoonUK)...or use our Facebook page ( whichever you prefer! We are here to help at any time! If you would like to order a mix of flavours then the TASTER MENU box is the best option. YOU CAN REQUEST THAT SPECIFIC FLAVOURS BE INCLUDED OR OMITTED!! Again, just let us know...

After 18th December, the WEBSITE WILL BE UNAVAILABLE FOR ORDERS until 14TH JANUARY the site is having a little facelift and essential maintenance and updates will be carried out.

We'd like to wish ALL our wonderful customers and friends a really fabulous holiday season and everything good for the New Year! Thank you for your support throughout 2015...and we hope to bring you much more chocolate happiness in 2016! xx


  1. Oh, I wish I could order Rachel!!! They all sound so delightful!! I'm in full swing today as I've got guests arriving tomorrow and they'll all be hungry for a US Thanksgiving. A pie is in the oven right now, then I'm off the the grocery store for all the rest!! Super deep freeze in weather beginning tomorrow as well---that I could do without!! But, we'll bundle up, drink more tea, and wear warm socks!! Happy Holidays!! Love from across the pond!! xoxo

  2. Wonderful blog and news, Rachel, even though unable to purchase! :-( So happy for you, though, and trust that business will thrive during the holiday season! I'm hoping that baking brings happiness and joy; it does for me! We are doing Cracker Barrel for Thanksgiving here tomorrow. It has become a bit of a ritual for us, and the meal is wonderful. It allows me time to put my energies toward Christmas and selling, when we do not have family coming. This year we are waiting until Spring to visit. Have a wonderful month! Jane xo

  3. Happy New Year dear Rachel and Sugar Moon Brownies! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and holiday season. If only I lived closer so I could order some of your delicious brownies! xoxo


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