Monday 24 August 2015

And the winner is...

....after a later surge of entries (thanks to all of you, I truly wish you could all have won!) I have just pulled a name from all the comments...not very scientific, I put them all into a bowl and picked one with my eyes shut! The winner of the fabulous Honey & Co - The Baking Book is:

GEORGIE!!!! Many congratulations, Georgie. I must admit that my heart did a little loop of joy when I opened the scrap of paper to find your name, as I know after recent events and traumas you are definitely due a piece of good luck! I will get it sent off to you and I really hope you enjoy it. Let us all know when it arrives!

Thanks to everyone who entered. Georgie, along with everyone else who owns this beautiful book, will now be able to recreate the cake above...which is a larger version (I doubled the quantities) of the Peach, Fennel Seed & Vanilla Mini Loaf Cakes in the book. This, along with many other delights, will be on the stall tomorrow at Aylesbury Farmer's Market. The forecast isn't great from lunchtime on, but the morning looks if you are in the vicinity, do pop down to see me and my fellow stallholders! We really love to see you! 9am - 2pm in the lower Market Square.

Hoping you have a wonderful week....x


  1. Ahhhh!! Congratulations to Georgie!!! That is fabulous- I hope your market day is magnificent!! xoxo

  2. Oh, congratulations, Georgie! So happy for you. I agree totally with Rachel! No one deserves this more. Enjoy baking some lovely goodies!! Blessings!! Jane xo

  3. Congrats to Georgie! ((Hugs)) to you both ...

  4. Yay! Congratulations to Georgie! How wonderful! xoxo

  5. Oh Rachel! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! I am soooo EXCITED! Things have been so busy here lately, plus we;ve had a medical diagnosis for Mom that has kept me hopping. This is such a BRIGHT SPOT! I will be on the look out and will wrap my arms around it with joy. You will all hear my squeal when I open it!

    Keep writing and baling Rachel! How we love to read and taste!

    Love, Georgie


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