Thursday 15 January 2015

Giveaway results and exciting news!

Winter moves has many of us in an icy grip right now, I know. But not here, thankfully! It's cold, blustery...but bright and not a hint of snow at the moment. Still, it's chilly enough, and it's the perfect time of year to be huddled in the kitchen with the ovens on, baking up a storm! As well as brownies , I've been making a few birthday cakes for friends and family (LOTS of birthdays here in January!)

 This was a simple one that we took to a supper party last week. I made it a plain vanilla victoria sponge, as I thought everyone would have had enough richness over Christmas...and although it was a 'significant' birthday the recipient didn't want any fuss... i just made it simple and celebratory! And it was delicious I'm thrilled to say...

Now, before the giveaway results...some exciting news! Sugar Moon has been nominated in the 'Best Newcomer' category of the...
Yay! Even though I've been baking and cooking professionally for years and years, Sugar Moon is a new business, and we're absolutely thrilled to have been put forward for this award.
If you'd like to, I'd be so grateful if you'd vote for me! Voting is open until March...and it's so easy. You can vote from anywhere, too...lots of you have tried our brownies, I know...even some in Australia!! So if you want to, please click here ! Under 'categories' you will find 'Best Newcomer' and from there you can select Sugar Moon from the dropdown menu. Thanks so much! It would be fabulous to at least make the final round of nominations...

Ok, down to the most important business of this post...the winner of our giveaway!

CONGRATULATIONS to...............mcammuso2000! I'm sorry that I don't know your actual name! If you can send an email to the address at the top of the blog, telling me who and where you are I'll make sure that your fabulous copy of Honey & Co  begins winging its way to you!

Thanks so much to everyone who entered. I love reading your thoughts and comments...

Hoping that 2015 is being good to you so far. I'll post a recipe next time...perhaps you'd like to leave a comment requesting a particular type? Biscuit, cake, pudding? It's in your hands!


  1. OH my goodness Rachel---that is just wonderful news!!! How exciting!! Yes, I will be voting as soon as I finish this comment. I'd love a wonderful recipe that is GF and has been tried and true for you....maybe even a brownie. I'm so tired of recipe books that have gorgeous photos and the results are less than ideal. That would be mahh velous!! xoxo Joann in CO

  2. I do so love a proper Victoria sponge ~ just like yours ~ deep and full of filling ~ with a nice cup of tea. Someone was very lucky to receive that.
    I think I have voted already, or is this another, well deserved nomination? Congratulations :)
    I would be happy to see any recipe you share ~ but one with 'foolproof' in the title would be very helpful to me! lol
    ~~~Deb in Wales

  3. i just voted for you. And I also voted for Rebellion Brewery for best microbrewery. Good luck.

  4. Congratulations, Rachel! So excited for you! How I would love to sprout wings and fly over to UK and try your brownies, visit the museums in London, and just wander! I loved being in the cities back east where we often visited the museums. So much wonderful art in the world. I think I will take Gene to the Philbrook in Tulsa for Valentine's Day! Just love the sponge cake. My grandmother made sponge cake often. I must try one again soon! xo

  5. How exciting! Congratulations on being nominated for best newcomer in the Food and Drink Awards! I just voted. Good luck! Although I have yet to try your famous brownies, I was lucky enough to eat your scrummy, homemade Victoria Sponge cake! I will never forget that delightful day! XOXO

  6. I loved being able to vote for you! Thank you for telling us about that! Have I told you lately how BEAUTIFUL this blog is?? Colors, graphics, textures . . . it's very wonderful, just like You. xoxo

  7. Laura B. Jenkins17 January 2015 at 19:44

    Congratulations for this well-deserved nomination! I voted for Sugar Moon just now. Fingers crossed . xo

  8. Wow!!! Congrats...have voted and shared! I agree with Susan...your blog is lovely!! I have never tasted or cooked Victoria Sponge that is my vote for recipe in your next blog entry....looks delish! Thank you! Here's hoping you win!!


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