Tuesday 1 July 2014

Introducing Sugar Moon Brownies!

So this has been an amazing and sometimes difficult journey...but finally, I am thrilled & proud to be able to introduce my new online brownie business, Sugar Moon, to you. Anyone in the UK can now have five flavours of my best selling brownies delivered direct to their door. I hope that lots if people will receive them as presents, too- the perfect gift to say thank you, or sorry, or I love you!

The gorgeous new website/shop can be found here!

There are so many people to thank in this first post in my new blog-guise! Firstly, to my darling sister Esther...the idea for Sugar Moon was born just over two years ago during a long walk we took around the village of Cotton Tree near where she lives in Queensland, Australia. She came up with the name, too, so I am indebted. It would have been impossible to create this business without the incredible support of my family, in fact...my beloved husband, Paul (who tastes new creations, keeps me calm and is my greatest champion), my little sister Lucy, who together with her husband David runs a new small food business of her own and is great to bounce ideas off....my dearest Mum & Dad, who believe that their girls are wonderful which helps no end...and my niece & 3 young nephews who are lights in the life of their 'Aunty Cake'!

The gorgeous brand design & website was devised and built by the wonderful team at Flourish Studios ...I love what they've come up with and I highly recommend them if you need a beautiful image with great communication.

My good friend Vanessa Kimbell took all the amazing photos for the website and publicity. She owns Juniper & Rose Kitchen Garden School where the photos were taken...and runs inspirational courses in baking sourdough bread and in food photography...as you can see, she knows her stuff!

And of course there was endless support, encouragement and advice from dear friends....Emma, Isobel, JoEllen, Joann, Rosinda, Nancy, Sandy, Georgie, Morwenna, Janie, Charlie, Debbie and the incomparable Sue Branch amongst many others.

And so it all begins here....the first orders have been baked and sent and received. Who knows what the future holds?! It's all so exciting and frightening at the same time...but I look forward to every day, and feel so lucky to be working at a job I adore.

I hope to use this blog to let you peek behind the scenes at Sugar Moon and also for other foodie-related things....recipes too! If you are new to the blog then do explore....there is lots to see!

I look forward to next time...and happy July!

Rachel x


  1. Don't know if the last comment was posted but so very proud of you I know the long journey will ne worth it not many people are as talented as you the blog looks great worth pausing Idris for! Glad to see I'm first on the acknowledgement list... Love love love xxxx

  2. I am so proud of you, Rachel! The realization of your dream...you have worked so hard through the years, perfecting your recipes, creating the brand...It is perfect and was worth the wait! I only wish that I could order some here...will anxiously await the recipes posted here!! Congrats and wishing you the great success that you so deserve!! xoxoxo Laura J.

  3. I'm so thrilled for you Rachel. This blog is gorgeous, so is Sugar Moon. I can't wait until you overnight to America! Break a leg Sweetheart! xoxo To Paul too. And zee whole entire darlink family.

  4. Great to see you blogging again and great to see your new business venture! And it is very cruel to start this when I was trying to check my diet. Chocolate desserts are my weakness and I still remember how good your cake was, so I will have to put my resolutions on hold and buy some brownies. I have been looking at your website all evening and been feeling hungry since.

  5. Oh, this is so exciting!! Congratulations, sweetheart! You did it! I am certain your business will flourish, as I have heard so many wonderful things about those brownies of yours! My wish is that you will one day expand internationally, so that I can place an order to be delivered to my door, here in Canada. Until then, wishing you much success and all the best! Sending my love and hugs from across the pond. xoxo

  6. This is IT! Your brownie empire is on its way and the UK is richer and sweeter as a result. I've always thought I'd be happy living in Britain and now I know it. And we all know why! Best of all best lucks in the brownie trade. May all lips in the UK be kissed by your chocolate triumphs!

  7. Well, Rachel, you know how I feel about your brownies! I cannot sing their praises highly enough. Had one for breakfast this morning with my coffee. I'm in heaven! Wishing you heartfelt congratulations ~~~ Debs in Wales

  8. What a wonderful journey this has been....from the walk with your sister to finding just who would serve you the best in designing your logo, etc. The fundamentals are all there and have been....the talent you have in baking these extremely delectable goodies and your ability to make gluten free brownies more scrumptious than I've had any dessert....ever!! I'm thrilled I was able to sample them and Rod and I can attest to the fact that they are THE BEST brownies we've ever had...absolutely perfect my darling!! You have brought chocolate to new heights! Many congratulations on this new business, website, and launch!! xoxo Joann


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