Tuesday, 17 January 2012

The weekend breakfast...

Like many people, we usually have a 'special' breakfast at the weekend...mainly on a Sunday. Paul takes over Alice- walking duties on weekend mornings and I usually stay behind to do some tidying, have a long bath & cook the breakfast! This Sunday, I had some celeriac & potato mash left over from dinner on Friday. It was mixed with chopped spring onion and just too good to waste...so I had the brainwave of making it into crispy cakes to go with the fried eggs & garlicky chili tomatoes & mushrooms that Paul loves. I divided the mash into 5 little patties (I didn't add anything to the mixture. except some chopped cooked brussels sprouts that were also leftover - so maybe they should be called Bubble & Squeak Breakfast Cakes?!)

then I coated them lightly on both sides with seasoned flour, to give them a crunchy coating...

 I heated a mixture of sunflower & olive oil in a large frying pan until sizzling hot, and dropped the patties in gently...

turning them over gently with a fish slice to cook the other side after about 5 minutes...

oooh, they smelt delicious! They kept very well in a low oven while I prepared the rest of the breakfast. Paul and Alice arrived home, chilly & hungry from their long walk... and while she tucked into a bowl of meat & biscuits, Paul ate the breakfast you see at the beginning of the post! I can't say who enjoyed their meal the most...but Paul did say that I should always make too much mash the night before, so he can have crispy celeriac & potato cakes again soon!

I made a little video so that you can hear my creations sizzling deliciously in their pan! I'm sorry that it's not in smell-o-vision...but in the background is the soundtrack to 'Becoming Jane'...which I hope will make up for it!

Have a great week xoxo


  1. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day...what a creative and delicious way to honor those leftovers..yummy.xoxo

  2. I have to agree with Laura....the sounds and smells of breakfast are just over the top for me!!!!!! I love it all, even the clinking of dishes and preparation. There is just something about it. The morning light, a fresh new day.....how very special of you to include the sound of them being prepared....I'm in heaven!!!

  3. OH, but I can smell them frying. AND I WANT a BLUE stove! I never cook w celeriac. Do u just chop it up and boil it w the potatoes? Then mash together. hmmmm...x

  4. PS--love the new floral sidebar. Happy dreaming-of-spring!

  5. How lovely to hear your breakfast cakes sizzling in the pan! Thanks for sharing the moment with us (and the music in the background too). We love to have special breakfasts on weekends too! I like to make eggs & bacon or sausage and pancakes. During the week, it's too busy, with work and school, to gather around the table together, so we definitely enjoy doing in on weekends! Lovely, post sweetie...as always!! xoxo

  6. Yum, Rachel! Well, it may not be in "smell-a-vision," but I can certainly almost smell them! xoxo

  7. What a great idea for left-overs. Hearing the sizzle while they cooked away in the pan was really nice touch. Love celeriac, so many great ways to use vegetables. Thanks for showing us one more great idea.xoxo

  8. Just looks lovely! I can't see the video but the pictures are enough. Thanks Rachel xxxxxx

  9. I love a good hearty breakfast during weekends. I don't do them anymore, sadly.

  10. You know how to make a girl feel hungry - wow what a breakfast. Great hearing the sizzle with the music. It's been many a long month since we had a sit down breakfast and now I really really want one. Mouth also watering over that delectable brownie picture on your banner - I sooo want!


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