Sunday 4 September 2011

A week of cake.....

Such a busy week...the last before the schools go back, and I think it could be that parents are taking their children out for last treats and stopping for coffee & cake during 'back to school' shopping trips. Whatever it is, a lot of cake was made (and eaten!) in the past few days...
First, this coconut cake. A white and beautiful thing, made with real coconut milk and frosted with a coconut cream icing and shredded strands of sweetened coconut too...
It always sells very well....

as does this, milk chocolate Flake Cake! It was very early morning when I took this picture, hence the flash...

and these were delivered the same morning...Toasted Hazelnut & Blackberry Swirl Muffins. Hazelnuts seem to divide people...I'm not sure why, but sometimes they sell really well and sometimes not. As they are one of my favourite nuts, I don't really understand this - but it's the way it is, so I've given up trying to analyse too much!

These were little Banana Loaf Cakes, iced with passionfruit....a delightful little hit of tropical sweetness in the last few grey days of August!

My favourite of the week was probably this Cinnamon Swirl Coffee Cake. I left out the 'Coffee' bit on the label, though. In the US, it means a cake to accompany the UK, it means that it contains coffee. And this one doesn't, but as I prefer a plainer cake this would be perfect for me!

Thursday was the first day of celebrate I made this Apple, Walnut & Raisin Cake with Maple Frosting. Of course, it turned out to be the warmest day for weeks, so it wasn't very seasonal in the end! But I still think it was a good way to welcome the new season!

This one I was particularly proud of....golden Butter Cake with a fresh Raspberry Buttercream. I had to note on the label that no artificial colouring was used - the pink was so bright! But it really did all come from lots & lots of fresh raspberries...


Finally, a personal was my darling Mum's birthday on Tuesday and I went over to the farm in the afternoon to join my sister and nephew in a small tea party for her. Of course,I took a cake! She, like me, prefers a plainer cake with no creamy frosting - she also has a wheat intolerance. So I made a very zesty Gluten-Free Lemon Drizzle Cake, drenched in zippy syrup and sprinkled with edible glitter. I finished it with a nasturtium flower...a particularly beautiful one freshly picked from my garden.
But  that wasn't enough - there had to be candles. As she is an - ahem - mature lady, I thought my choice particularly appropriate...

And it made her laugh, which is the most important thing!

I hope you've had a good  week's raining softly as I write, but still very warm. I'm planning what to bake for Monday mind buzzing as always. I'll let you know what emerges from the oven!

Thanks for all your lovely comments on my last post - still plenty of time to enter my Roald Dahl giveaway if you haven't already. I'll count any new commenters on this post too. xoxo


  1. Mhmmm, that looks all very yummy!
    Wouldn't know which one to take :-) I would skip the hazelnut as well.
    Several allergies (e.g. against birch pollen) cause cross reactions with hazel nuts - thats why I don't eat them. Although I could eat roasted hazel nuts ones, but if I seee them as flakes on top of a cake I usually don't dare.

    I had to laugh as well seeing the birthday cake candles -- Happy birthday to your Mum.

  2. Oh my goodness, Rachel! This is one of my favourite posts so far! So many delicious baked goods, I don't know where to start! I think the coconut cake is stunning. I adore anything coconut, so I just know I would love it. And it looks so pretty with the icing dripping over the sides! I love the milk chocolate flake cake pretty! And as for the butter cake with raspberry frosting, well, it looks absolutely gorgeous! I love the way you decorated the top. You SHOULD be proud. And last, but not least, your Mum's birthday cake! It looks so pretty with the single nasturtium flower in the centre! And of course, the candles. How cute! I've never seen those before! You have made me want to try a slice of everything! Happy Sunday, sweetie. Hope you are enjoying a rest after such a busy baking week. xoxo Rosinda

  3. You've been so busy!
    My favorite would probably be the coconut cake...mmmmmhhh!!
    The candles are great, haha!
    Thinking of you, sending a big hug...
    xoxo Dawn

  4. Lovely cakes as usual. The muffins are the ones that I would go for, especially hazelnut mmm

  5. You are without a doubt the Queen of Baking. Each one more stunning and delicious! Yum, one day I will hopefully get to meet you and have a slice of one of your beautiful cakes. That would be lovely. Too hard to choose, all yummy looking. Love the unusual flavors you come up with for your frostings. Wish your Mum a happy belated birthday from me, won't you. Her cake was perfect!
    Hugs Sandy

  6. Rachel - these muffins... They look spectacular. And I'm sure they tasted amazing, too. I love hazelnuts... In fact, I love ALL nuts.
    And what a pretty raspberry frosting you made! Looks like a cobweb and seems very autumnal to me... I love autumn.
    Rachel - see you on Wednesday! Can't wait xox

  7. Well I'm still laughing here about the candles on your mom's cake. I plan to have my scale altered to report the same thing. Doesn't all that look fabulous. Amazing pink color from the raspberries. I too prefer a plainer cake and often leave frosting uneaten on the plate. LOVE hazelnuts and think that's what I'd have from among all your amazing offerings. If I could bake as much as you do, I would try so many new things but seem to bake so little that it's always make a fave which I seldom get to have. Maybe it's a good thing--more new things to try, more faves. Then the scale wouldn't have to be altered because it would be broken.

  8. Oh my goodness Rachel---where do I begin?? First of all, the birthday cake for your mum is sweet as can be. I have recently found out that I am gluten intolerant, so I'm happy to see that you bake a few things that are GF!!! Excited and hoping that a few of those recipes are in your upcoming cookbook!!! The raspberry cake is fantastic---the top is so fun and I'm sure it was moist and incredibly delicious!! Oh my....but MY favorite is the banana with passion fruit---it just looks so mouth-watering, I can hardly believe it!! Last evening I thought of you as our temperatures dipped lower than they have been in months and months---I put on a sweater as we strolled the streets after a lovely dinner but then was quite chilled and took a hot bath when we got home---reminded me of your cold and rainy market day last Tuesday----a warm one tomorrow though....and my tummy is now warmed by your (once again) delightful baked goods!!

  9. Now MY mom has put in a request for a certain set of bday candles! And my cousin wants them for an upcoming party. You are such a trend-setter! Fabulous. As always.

  10. Oh, sweet are what you bake! What wonderful array of baked could one choose?? Oh, I am a person for pretty...the raspberry cake is soooo gorgeous! I long to turn on the oven, but not yet. Today may be the hottest day of the year with temps over 100 F. Tomorrow is predicted to be hotter...sigh.. Thank you for your lovely post, sweetie! Sending a hug, Sherry xxx

  11. Without question, the coconut cake. They all look wonderful and I'd have a slice of cinnamon too! xxxx


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