Friday 6 May 2011

Presents from a friend...

There are many bad people in this world...the events of this week have highlighted that yet again...and it's a depressing thought, of course. BUT I'm so happy that there are many, many more good, kind and generous souls around!

A  few weeks ago I mentioned that in the UK we don't have flaked, sweetened coconut. The moist & delicious kind. We get desiccated coconut...shaved, dried coconut...and of course we can buy fresh ones, milk & cream. But I love the strands of white deliciousness that are so great to bake with, and I find mentioned so often in my American recipe books. I always bring some back from my trips to Australia...but it never lasts long.

So how thrilled and touched I was to receive in the mail this week four - yes, FOUR! - packs of gorgeous flaked coconut from my dear Canadian friend Rosinda . She's just started a beautiful new food & family can go to it by clicking on her name & I'd highly recommend it. Anyway, I was so delighted by her kindness that I decided to create a new bar for the Coffee Tree in her honour. You can see it above - and it'll be in my book too! I've called it a 'Double A Bar' as she has two beautiful young daughters whose names both start with an 'A'! The bar is chewy, coconutty, oaty with a touch of lemon...there's a filling of lemon curd...and a lemon frosting with more coconut pressed into the top. Beautiful! Just like the thought.

Two were sold before I even left the shop after delivering yesterday...a new classic?

Thanks again Rosinda....xo

Happy weekend's going to be a hot one here...xx


  1. Dearest Rachel,

    I am so touched that you have named one of your famous bars in my honour! Anita and Annabel will be so thrilled to hear about the "Double A bar"! They look absolutely beautiful and I can't wait to try one myself one day! Thank you also for mentioning my blog. You are such a sweetheart. Love you dear friend! Your post has touched my heart. Don't know how was happiest? Me, in sending you the coconut, or you in receiving it?? Think the feeling is mutual! Have a fabulous Friday. xoxo

  2. Oops, meant to say, don't know who was happiest?. LOL

  3. Ahh you girls are even sweeter than double A bars! Love you both! I thought of sending the coconut, just never got around to doing it. So glad Rosinda has more follow thru than I do. It's really lovely toasted in the oven too. Bon appetit!

  4. I sure hope it's a new classic.

  5. This is just another testament to how you have touched our hearts Rachel--YOU are an amazing woman: your warmth, honesty, and kindness has encouraged us all. I know that I always look forward to your posts and what goodies you've been making all week. I hope you will continue to share with us all of your baking ideas and I look forward to a cookboo with all of your wonderful recipes!!!

  6. How lovely Rachel, they look great xxxxxx


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