Sunday 3 October 2010

Delicious Down Under.....

On Wednesday I'm once again making the epic trip across the world to see my beloved sister and her family in be honest, I can hardly wait!

I'm baking every minute of the day at the moment in order to fulfil my customers' cake needs while I'm away, and it's hard work. I have to leave shortly to make 40 trays of brownies before we meet friends for lunch (I'm leaving Paul behind, so want to make time for him too!) I will be so pleased to finally get on the plane, get some magazines out, plan my movie-watching schedule and relax for 23 hours...uncontactable & in a bubble of lost hours...

I thought I'd muse on what I'm most looking forward to, foodwise, when I get there . Australia is a fabulous foodie heaven, full of amazing fresh produce and fresh flavours...there's so much to enjoy!

a 'long black' coffee at The Coffee Club on Mooloolaba Beach front is a must in the morning....

perhaps a raspberry friand (or two).....

fish and chips on the beach with my niece and nephews the night before my birthday (a family tradition!)

and lots of new discoveries too....I love the asian foods there and Esther and I are going for a long weekend to Melbourne (a first for both of us) where, knowing us, noodles will feature heavily.

It's going to be fantastic.

Anyone else heading towards or in 'Australia Fair' & visiting Sydney (and who doesn't want to visit Sydney?) should try and drop in on the month long
Sydney Food Festival. There are events all through October, but next weekend (9-10) will be extra special with demonstrations by many amazing international chefs including our own Marcus Wareing, Rick Stein very favourite....Yotam Ottolenghi. It should be fantastic and I'm only sorry that my trip doesn't allow me to be there.

I'll talk to you soon, from 12,500 miles away.....have a great week xo


  1. Have a safe and pleasant trip there!

    My wife and I (her especially) would love to go to Australia. But I rather stay in Northern countries when Autumn comes.

  2. Oh Rachel, I am so excited for you!! You are going to have such a fabulous time in Australia, but you know that already! Want to wish you a safe trip, a fantastic birthday, and many, many hours of rest and relaxation. After all, you DESERVE it!! Say hello to your sister Esther from me. Although, I don't know her, I've heard so much about her! Keep us posted. I will be looking forward to your posts!! xoxo

  3. Rachel, relax, enjoy and savour! And come back to us safe and sound and inspired.
    Lots of xoxo

  4. It sounds like a little bit of heaven! Have a wonderful trip, Rachel!


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